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Scene Queen “Hot Singles In Your Area” Album Review by Luz Figueroa

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Scene Queen’s debut album, “Hot Singles In Your Area,” is a striking blend of audacity and musical innovation, venturing boldly into the soundscape of Bimbocore. Hannah Rose Collins (known as Scene Queen) challenges norms with her distinct style, aiming not to please everyone but to make a bold statement.

One cannot ignore the crafted chaos in tracks like “Finger,” a digital-age anthem that meshes catchy riffs with Scene Queen‘s unapologetic sass. The music video also deserves mention for its commendable diversity, adding depth to the expressive nature of the song. Then there’s “Pink Push Up Bra,” where Scene Queen integrates empowerment into metal, going beyond mere musicality to convey a message of self-support and strength.

“Stuck,” featuring 6arelyhuman, stands as an anthem for modern relationships’ complexities, with its raw production capturing the gritty essence of today’s romantic entanglements. This track particularly captures Scene Queen‘s flair for mixing sweetness with boldness—a persistent and bold statement.

The album’s themes don’t shy away from controversy, as seen in tracks like “18+” and “Milf.” These songs underscore her willingness to tackle misogyny and societal expectations head-on. These subjects might bring about eye rolls or criticisms, but they are pivotal in understanding Scene Queen‘s message—confronting uncomfortable truths with fearless lyricism and heavy melodies.

Highlights include “Mutual Masturbation,” which serves as a critique of the industry’s male-dominated spaces, indicating how men often uplift their peers while sidelining women. The song intertwines a catchy hook with a poignant message, reflecting Scene Queen‘s ability to blend fun with depth.

Besides the more assertive tracks, “Climax” offers a contrasting, softer edge with its dreamy pop-punk ballad vibes. It’s akin to hearing Avril Lavigne‘s softer tones through a modern, Bimbocore lens—unexpected yet pleasantly surprising.

“Barbie and Ken,” in collaboration with Set It Off, twists childhood nostalgia with a darker, metalcore twist, reflecting the warped ideals many grow up with. This track underscores Scene Queen‘s ability to interlace playful themes with heavy undertones, making each listen an intriguing experience.

What’s unique about “Hot Singles In Your Area” is the blend of genres—the infusion of metal, pop-punk, and 90s acid house elements across different tracks creates a vibrant, albeit chaotic, palette. Scene Queen‘s comfort in navigating these different sounds showcases her versatility, although this could be disorienting for listeners unfamiliar with such genre-blending experimentation.

Her personal narrative woven throughout the album—from growing up in the early 2000s to exploring her sexuality in her 20s—provides insight into the messy, chaotic journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It’s reflective in the album’s unapologetic and candid portrayal of themes that aim to resonate deeply with her audience.

To situate Scene Queen within the current music landscape, one must acknowledge her rise from TikTok and other digital platforms to a significant force challenging the traditional metal scene. Her upcoming tour with PVRIS further cements her evolution from an online sensation to a live performance powerhouse, promising an engaging experience for her fans.

Ultimately, “Hot Singles In Your Area” is a musical rollercoaster—an album that demands attention not only for its bold thematic elements but also for its daring blend of sounds. While it may not universally appeal, it’s a remarkable starting point for Scene Queen, carving a niche that’s both unique and influential.

Luz’s rating: 7.5/10


Track Listing:

  1. BDSM
  2. 18+
  3. Whips & Chains
  4. Pink Push-Up Bra
  5. Mutual Masturbation
  6. Girls Gone Wild (Ft. Wargasm)
  7. POV (Ft. The Ready Set)
  8. Hot Singles In Your Area
  9. MILF
  10. Amateur
  11. STUCK (Ft. 6arelyhuman)
  12. Finger
  13. PEG
  14. Oral Fixation
  15. Climax

Band Members:
Hannah Collins

Social Media Links:
Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || TikTok || Spotify

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