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Scott Stapp Unleashes Powerful New Solo Track ‘Higher Power’

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Scott Stapp, the frontman of the rock band Creed, dropped a couple of weeks ago a seriously heavy new solo track titled “Higher Power.” At 50 years old, Stapp shows he’s ready to take on the next chapter of his musical journey with the same powerful presence he had back in his younger days, while also infusing a newfound weightiness into his iconic voice. “Higher Power” kicks off with some hard-hitting riffs that could momentarily trick you into thinking you’re listening to a djent track.

Lyrically, the song delves into personal themes as Stapp draws strength from his higher power. The anthem-like quality of the new single mirrors this sentiment—packed with punch and explosiveness in all the right places.

According to Stapp, “Life’s mysteries can be unraveled by listening to one’s inner voice. For me, that means leaning on my faith in God and listening to His voice to guide me through the struggles and darkness. For others, whether it’s through art, nature, science, family, or a combination of all, tapping into a higher power is an individualized process that requires an open mind and a willingness to flow with a force that’s greater than the individual.”

This release comes on the heels of the exciting news that Creed has reunited and is set to headline the Summer of ’99 festival cruise next year.

Stapp’s previous solo album, “The Space Between the Shadows,” dropped in 2019. “Higher Power” is part of an upcoming record that will be released on Napalm Records, with the release date to be announced later.

Watch the lyric video for “Higher Power” below:


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