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Seigmen is releasing their new single “Berlin” and announces a new album is coming in 2024

Seigmen is releasing new music for the first time since 2016! “Berlin” is the first track from the band’s upcoming album, which was created during the times of the pandemic and lockdown. Those who follow Seigmen know that it has been some challenging years for the band, but it has also been an incredibly creative period.

We’ll get to hear the result when the album “Resonans” is released on April 12, 2024, but already on November 15th, the first teaser, in the form of the single “Berlin”, will be released through Indie Recordings.

Listen to the single here:…

Seigmen states:
“When we last left the stage on December 21, 2019, we knew nothing about the long and challenging times ahead of us. That this show would be our last for four years. 
It feels good to put this behind us and at the same time be able to tell that those times were also creative and productive years. More than anything, we want to thank our loyal fans who have followed us through thick and thin, who have patiently waited for us to return. It gives us both strength and inspiration. 
New music from Seigmen is not an everyday occurrence; our last release, “Enola,” came out eight years ago, and this was the first studio album since 1997. Hence, it is a joy to announce that we are now putting the finishing touches on a new album called “Resonans,” that will release April 12th 2024 (Indie Recordings).

The impatient can look forward to the first single, which is already being released on November 15th. 
We are also looking forward to get back on stage again and can already announce that we will be playing at Tons of Rock 2024. 
Finally, we are also ready to do the show at Støperiet in Tønsberg, which has been postponed several times. This will be the first and only show of the year, and the date is December 16th”

It was an unfinished band that took to the stage when Seigmen (formerly known as Klisne Seigmenn) played their very first show during Christmas of 1989. However, even then, they had something unique that set them apart from the others, and their sound was undeniably different from all those they shared stage with. Even the conservative paper Tønsbergs Blad reported the next day that “Klisne Seigmenn outperformed the others.”

Fast forward to 1994, the year they released the EP “Hjernen er alene” and their third studio album “Total.”

From there on, Seigmen and their heavy and grandiose, yet catchy melancholy, defined the 1990s. 
“Total” was later recognized as one of Norway’s 100 best albums of all time, and their fourth album “Metropolis” dominated the charts back in 1995 won a Spellemann award for Best Rock Album
In 1997, “Radiowaves” went straight to number one.

Then it all came to an end, as out of nothing, the announcement came that the band was disbanding because guitarist Sverre was leaving. One for all and all for one. A few months before the previous millennium came to an end, Seigmen played their farewell show for a packed Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway.

But it wasn’t meant to end there; it’s almost unnatural to just let go of a good thing and old friendships forever. In 2005, the band reunited on stage for the first time in Dødens Dal in Trondheim, and in 2008, they were the first Norwegian band to be invited to play at the new opera house in Bjørvika. 
However, the biggest event of the new millennium came in 2015 when Seigmen surprisingly released “Enola,” a full 18 years after “Radiowaves.” 
On April 12, 2024, almost exactly 30 years after their breakthrough with “Total,” a special event is set to occur when Seigmen releases “Resonans,” their first album in nine years. 

The choice of Velvet Recording as their studio is not a coincidence; it’s the same place “Total” was recorded back in 1994.

Seigmen album cover

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