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SHORES OF NULL Unveil Music Video for “Darkness Won’t Take Me”

shores of null premieres my darkest years lyric video image

In the world of heavy metal news, SHORES OF NULL has dropped a new music video for their track titled “Darkness Won’t Take Me.” This release accompanies their fourth album, “The Loss Of Beauty,” which follows their critically acclaimed “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying),” recognized by both fans and critics as a recent gem in the doom metal genre. The lyrics of this new album revolve around celebrating beauty in imperfection and transience, encouraging listeners to find beauty in the small, unexpected, and fleeting moments of life.

In “Darkness Won’t Take Me,” vocalist Davide Straccione offers some insight into the song’s inspiration, saying, “While I was brainstorming ideas for the album’s lyrics, I had a conversation with Martina of Sanda Movies about potential topics, starting with visual concepts. Martina knows us very well; in fact, she has contributed to shaping our visual identity since our first album through the videos she created for us. She showed me a painting by the Italian artist Verdirosi, depicting an old man, weary and hunched over, pulling a cart with the grim reaper patiently seated on it, and I immediately connected with that imagery. I envisioned a man who had fully lived his life, and though his time had come, he was resisting death a little longer because he was deeply attached to life. He would depart from this world on his own terms, without regrets.”

Stylistically, “The Loss Of Beauty” continues in the same vein as their previous albums, “Quiescence” and “Black Drapes For Tomorrow.” It offers a melancholic blend of dark metal, drawing from a wide range of influences, including gothic metal, doom metal, and melodic black/death metal. The album features frequent use of vocal harmonies and deep growls. The lyrics, as mentioned earlier, revolve around celebrating beauty in imperfections and transience, urging listeners to find beauty in life’s small, unexpected, and fleeting moments.

The album includes a total of 13 songs, with the LP version containing 11 tracks. The two additional songs serve as bonus tracks, available on both the CD and streaming platforms. “The Loss Of Beauty” presents a dark and weighty atmosphere, tinged with feelings of despair and melancholy. It was officially released on March 24, 2023, and is highly recommended for fans of bands such as Swallow The Sun, Borknagar, and Paradise Lost. To purchase “The Loss Beauty,” visit this location.

The Loss Of Beauty


  1. Transitory
  2. Destination Woe
  3. The Last Flower
  4. Darkness Won’t Take Me
  5. Nothing Left To Burn
  6. Old Scars
  7. The First Son
  8. A Nature In Disguise
  9. My Darkest Years
  10. Fading As One
  11. A New Death Is Born

Bonus tracks (CD only)

  1. Underwater Oddity
  2. Blazing Sunlight

In additional news, the band is set to perform at various European festivals in the upcoming fall season, with plans for an Italian Winter Tour to be announced at a later date.


9 – Rieti, Italy – Summer Metal Festival
30 – Bucharest, Romania – Metal Gates

4 – Helsinki, Finland – Fall Fest

9 – Pescara, Italy – Scumm

13 – Bari, Italy – Metal Symposium

1 – Torino, Italy – Ziggy
2 – Mantova, Italy – The Academy
15 – Perugia, Italy – Rework
16 – Milano, Italy – Slaughter 

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