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SOEN Unveils Official Video For “Hollowed” Featuring Vocalist ELISA

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In the wake of their latest album, “Memorial,” Soen treats fans to the official video for their new single, “Hollowed,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of renowned singer Elisa.

“Memorial” marks a departure for the band as they venture into a heavier sonic realm. However, “Hollowed,” a poignant ballad, emerges as a standout track, serving as a powerful bridge across the album’s ten compelling compositions. The song showcases guitarist Cody Ford’s virtuosity with an epic, Pink Floyd-inspired guitar solo while delivering tender vocal exchanges between Soen’s lead singer and founding member, Joel Ekelöf, and the Italian sensation, Elisa.

Elisa’s illustrious career spans over two decades, cementing her status as a global superstar. Her collaboration with Ennio Morricone on “Ancora qui” was prominently featured in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” earning a Grammy nomination for its soundtrack album. With triple-platinum albums and collaborations with music icons like Muse, Imagine Dragons, Tina Turner, and Pavarotti & Friends, Elisa’s talent shines brightly.

Ekelöf shares his thoughts, stating, “‘Hollowed’ explores the theme of distancing oneself from a place and people that were once a sanctuary. This track also marks a significant milestone as it features our first-ever guest appearance on an album, and Elisa’s contribution has been nothing short of remarkable. Her emotive vocals elevated the song to the emotional pinnacle it deserved.”

Drummer and co-founding member Martin Lopez adds, “The track’s message is compelling, urging us to decide between leaving behind a once harmonious but now discordant environment or persisting in an attempt to revive something already beyond repair.”

In typical Soen fashion, the band confronts contemporary societal issues with raw, searing intensity that reflects their pain, anger, and frustrations. Each guitar riff carries a sharper edge, every melody a deeper resonance, and each lyric an unfiltered proclamation of heart and soul. Simultaneously, Soen’s distinctive blend of progression, aggression, and beauty demonstrates their growth and maturity.

Soen has been on this journey for years, and now they have arrived with “Memorial,” an inspirational modern hard rock classic.

“Memorial” is available in various formats, including Deluxe CD, 12” vinyl in black and color variants, digital formats, and special D2C products and bundles. You can place your order here

Soen- Memorial-Album-Artwork


  1. “Sincere”
  2. “Unbreakable”
  3. “Violence”
  4. “Fortress”
  5. “Hollowed” (feat. Elisa)
  6. “Memorial”
  7. “Incendiary”
  8. “Tragedian”
  9. “Icon”
  10. “Vitals”
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