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Sonic Universe “It Is What It Is” album review by Brett Olsen

Sonic Universe band

In the world of music, where genres blend and talents converge, the debut album from Sonic Universe, aptly named “It Is What It Is,” emerges as a thrilling testament to this era’s sonic possibilities. Corey Glover, known for his groundbreaking tenure with Living Colour, teams up with Mike Orlando, Booker King, and Taykwuan Jackson to create a soundscape that’s both familiar and boldly new.

From the first note of “I Am,” the album grips listeners with a visceral energy, propelled by Jackson‘s vigorous drumming and Orlando‘s electric guitar work. Glover‘s voice, a bridge across generations, commands every track with the same fervor that earned him his iconic status. Particularly noteworthy is the seamless melding of rock, funk, and hardcore, giving It Is What It Is an eclectic yet coherent vibe that’s rare in today’s music scene.

However, despite these high marks, the album’s ambition at times eclipses its reach. Tracks like “Turn A Blind Eye” and “Higher” while showcasing Glover‘s range and Orlando‘s fret mastery, can feel slightly over-engineered, leaving one to wonder if less might have been more.

The production quality of It Is What It Is stands out, offering a polished listening experience where every instrument finds its place without overwhelming the others. This careful balance is a credit to the production team, who have crafted an album that feels expansive yet intimate.

It Is What It Is reflects not just the collaborative spirit of its creators but also their vast experiences across music’s eclectic landscape. The synergy between Glover and his bandmates is palpable, transforming the album into a cohesive journey rather than a mere collection of tracks.

In its essence, It Is What It Is is a bold exploration of sound, identity, and collaboration. While it strides confidently across genres and styles, the album occasionally stumbles, reminding listeners that even the most seasoned artists are not immune to the occasional misstep. Nonetheless, it’s these imperfections that humanize the album, adding depth to its sonic exploration.

As an endeavor, It Is What It Is is a compelling portrait of Glover and company’s relentless pursuit of musical innovation. It’s an album that invites listeners to embrace the unknown and find solace in the chaos of creation. As such, Sonic Universe and their debut album “It Is What It Is” earns a solid 8.5 out of 10. It’s a journey worth taking, even if the path sometimes veers into the unexpected.

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Sonic Universe album

I Am 4:34
It Is What It Is 6:50
Turn A Blind Eye 4:51
My Desire 4:40
Whisper To A Scream 6:45
Higher 4:30
Life 4:14
Come What May 4:03
I Want It All 4:51
Beautiful Disunity 5:07


  • Corey Glover on Vocals
  • Mike Orlando on Guitar
  • Booker King on Bass
  • Taykwuan Jackson on Drums

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