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Sons of Erebus Drops New Single “Into Nothing”

Sons of Erebus Band Members

Adelaide’s own Sons Of Erebus present their latest creation, “INTO NOTHING,” a single that emerged from the depths of Worm Lords Studio under the watchful guidance of producer Chris Reynolds.

Influenced by the likes of Behemoth, Belphegor, Deicide, modern blackened death metal, early death metal, and second wave black metal, Sons Of Erebus embark on a journey of personal reflection, exploring the shattered soul’s perspective. With a nod to their musical inspirations, the band showcases crushing rhythms in the chorus and guitar work that paints sonic landscapes both haunting and, dare we say, a little disgusting.

“INTO NOTHING” sees Sons Of Erebus embracing their roots in grim black metal, laying bare their crushed hearts for all to witness. It’s an offering from a band passionate about weaving together sounds that resonate with the darker aspects of the human experience. Join Sons Of Erebus as they navigate the shadows, inviting listeners to share in their contribution to the rich tapestry of metal.

“Into Nothing showcases Sons of Erebus’s full line-up. It encompasses everything we love about music and artistic expression with the raw power of death metal splintered with black metal riffs. We are so proud to present this piece of ourselves to the masses.” add’s the band.

Paul – Vocals
Ethan – rhythm guitar
Rus – Lead Guitar
Sam – Bass
Kyle – Drums

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