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SOULFLY “Healer” Coffee Coming Soon via Concept Cafes.

Soyfly coffee

Soulfly’s “Healer” is an indigenous women produced coffee that pays homage to the testament of the healing powers of Mother Earth & indigenous women around the world.

”Healer” is an SHB* grown naturally at dizzying heights in the mountains of Central America and is roasted methodically to perfection at Concept Cafes & Coterie Coffee Co. in Orlando, Florida. This cause-coffee concept emphasizes and explores the medicinal and healing properties of coffee presented in collectible masterpiece packaging. Soulfly’s “Healer” will be available in whole bean and ground bags, signature cold cans, and single-serve pods to start. 

Concept Cafes reveals “We’d been kicking around the idea of the official Soulfly coffee with Gloria Cavalera for a while, and after hearing such overwhelmingly impactful stories from the Tribe, and listening to the fans tell their own personal stories of how Soulfly’s music had helped them though some serious times in their lives , we all we’re like this is it, this is the Soulfly story that needs to be told. The challenge (which we always embrace) then becomes taking this massive collective experience and fitting it into this small package, and literally breathing life into it. So, like always, we take a serious deep dive into the complete discog for weeks, months, until this one unifying concept strikes a heavy emotional chord with everyone. The only way to describe ‘Healer’ in my personal opinion is ‘hypnotic’, and if you don’t believe me, just download the image as your mobile screen for about a week or a month. All we can say right now is…more to come…”

*Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) specifies the altitude at which the coffee was grown. A coffee must be grown at 1,200 meters above sea level or higher to be considered SHB. The higher altitude and lower temperatures mean that the coffee fruit matures more slowly, creating a denser bean.


Everybody remembers that first opening riff, that mid-song breakdown, that blast beat crescendo that turned them on, and tuned them into Metal forever. With our artist partners like Cannibal CorpseMax & Iggor Cavalera, and Ministry; we’re trying to recapture that moment of Metal possession for the fans by immersing them into a Metal coffee obsession like no other. As lifelong fans ourselves, we’re constantly seeking out the most epic Metal experiences; whether it’s records, live shows, merch, etc., so if we can maybe someday say we we’re a small part of that collective fan experience, then we’ve done our job. It’s also super important for us to illuminate the fact that these are the artists’ coffee stories, not our own, we’re just the chaotic-evil little elves that help them conjure their visions and forge them into reality for the fans.

We’re not here to snobbishly push conventional coffee culture upon Metalheads either, nor we will we ever try to flip a quick gimmick on our Metal brothers & sisters to make a quick buck. We’re humbled literally everyday with this responsibility, and the opportunity to work with Metal legends. This is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries and possibilities, because foremost we believe there is no other comparison to the dedicated devotion metalheads have in keeping Metal music alive and stronger than ever! Metal deserves the absolute best when it comes to coffee!

Reality is coffee culture has become basic cookie-cutter over the past couple of decades; so safe and just a shell of itself which once fueled artists and their music across several generations. We want to revive that creative fire, and as far as playing it safe…it’s metal, motorcycles, & horror…what did you expect?!


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