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Soulkick’s ‘Hide The End’: A Diverse Hard Rock Journey

Soulkick's 'Hide The End album cover

Soulkick, the Argentine rock band, returns with their sophomore album, “Hide The End,” a diverse and compelling offering that showcases their musical prowess and versatility.

From the very first track, “On The Road,” the album sets the stage with a powerful and emotional journey. The formula they employ is simple yet highly effective, delivering quality Hard Rock with catchy and excellently composed choruses.

The vocalist’s sublime intonation takes the songs to epic heights, evoking emotive atmospheres. Christian’s exquisite guitar solo, followed by a touch of progressive flair, adds a unique touch to the track.

One standout gem that demands attention is “Last Goodbye,” featuring a crushing riff reminiscent of the revered band Nevermore, making it one of the most memorable tracks on the album.

“The Lighthouse” offers a brief respite, a beautifully complex and balladic piece that slows down the tempo, yet maintains the melodic charm that pervades the album.

“Reasons” captivates right from its beautiful introduction, reminiscent of the successful Hard Rock bands of the ’80s, such as Van Halen during the Lee Roth era. This track boasts an undeniable power that resonates deeply.

“Empty Faces” showcases Pablo’s grunge-inspired vocals, akin to the level of leading ’90s grunge albums. Though it might not align perfectly with the album’s overall spirit, it grows to become one of my favorites after repeated listens.

While some may argue that the album lacks complete cohesion, I find this characteristic highly positive. It makes the album enjoyable and easily digestible, highlighting the band’s virtuosity and versatility.

“Hide The End” is destined to captivate numerous souls, marking a significant step forward for SOULKICK in the music scene. Undoubtedly, this impressive album will be well-received by rock and metal enthusiasts alike.

Soulkick’s “Hide The End” presents a rich and diverse musical landscape, featuring a captivating blend of hard rock, progressive elements, and melodic charm.

The band’s evident growth and exceptional production, overseen by Christian Vidal and co-produced by Mario Altamirano, result in a seamless and well-crafted sound.

Their willingness to explore new horizons while staying rooted in their hard rock foundation speaks volumes about their musicianship and artistry. “Hide The End” is a solid second offering from Soulkick, leaving us eagerly anticipating more from this talented Argentine band.

August 6th, 2023 can’t get here soon enough!

soulkick hde tapa

Soulkick is:
Pablo Zuccalá: voz
Cristian Vidal: guitarra
Charlie Giardina: bajo
Pablo Garrocho: batería


01. Sign of the times
02. Last goodbye
03. On the road
04. The lighthouse
05. Voices in the dark
06. Reasons
07. The rope
08. Empty faces
09. Perfect Day
10. Make Believe
11. Carved in stone


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