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SPOKEN New Album “Reflection” Out Now Via XOVR Records.

Today, Spoken celebrates an impressive milestone with the release of their 10th studio album and their first in 7 years, Reflection, via XOVR Records, the recently launched label co-founded by Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch. Alongside the album, the band has unveiled focus track, “In The Dark“, a further testament to Spoken‘s enduring sound and creative vision, which comes accompanied by an official music video.

Frontman Matt Baird expresses his excitement: “It’s finally here! Our new record Reflection is out. We’re so excited for you to hear this collection of songs, and have the opportunity to play them on the road. Thank you for listening.”

Brian ‘Head’ Welch speaks to the band’s enduring legacy: “Spoken is a band with a great story, passionate tenacity and an impeccable track record. It’s been seven long years since their last release, and I’m confident Reflection will completely satisfy the die-hard Spoken fans while gaining many more.”

The album is available now on all streaming platforms, and the music video for “In The Dark” can be viewed on the band’s official YouTube channel.

Reflection marks a significant milestone for Spoken, coming seven years after their last album. With an intriguing blend of melody, aggression, thought-provoking lyrics, dynamic guitar riffs, and meticulously crafted drums, the album emerges not just as a culmination of Spoken‘s artistry, honed over two decades. It’s a sonic mirror that reflects the band’s growth and the connection they share with their fans. It’s an exploration of the journey of life, a testament to resilience and the power of moving forward with hope. 

Spoken album

“Reflection” Track Listing
In The Dark
Awaken Me
Anymore (feat Brian ‘Head’ Welch’)
Let The War Begin
The End of Time
Never Look Away
Sleeper (feat. Ryan Clark)

Spoken are:
Matt Baird
J.R. Bareis
Dylan Levernoch
Jared Wisner

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