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Steven Wilson Unveils 7th Album “The Harmony Codex”, Watch the ‘Economies of Scale’ Video

Steven Wilson Featured

Steven Wilson has just unveiled his seventh studio album, titled “The Harmony Codex,” along with an engaging video for its debut single ‘Economies of Scale.’ This album is a remarkable fusion of genres and a culmination of a lifetime dedicated to music.

While drawing inspiration from various phases of Steven Wilson’s discography, such as the eerie undertones of 2008’s “Insurgentes,” the crystal-clear electronic elements of 2021’s “The Future Bites,” and the expansive narratives from 2013’s “The Raven That Refused To Sing (and Other Stories),” “The Harmony Codex” breaks new ground by defying genre conventions. Spatial audio was a crucial consideration during its creation, yet the album’s transformative power doesn’t rely on an intricate sound system; a pair of speakers and an open mind are more than sufficient.

Describing the album, Steven Wilson remarked, “This one is a real journey, a mesmerizing and experimental 65-minute labyrinth of sound. Each of its 10 tracks explores a distinct musical avenue. Today, you can immerse yourself in ‘Economies of Scale,’ a soulful composition built upon electronic rhythms and intricate vocal harmonies. Next week, prepare for something entirely different: an eleven-minute blend of progressive rock, spiritual jazz, and electronica titled ‘Impossible Tightrope.’ More musical gems from the album will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to the release.”

Charlie de Placido’s captivating single-take music video for ‘Economies of Scale’ is a must-watch. The album is available for pre-order ahead of its September 29th launch, featuring a limited edition 3-disc deluxe hardback book-set, CD, LP, Cassette, Blu-Ray, as well as exclusive coke bottle clear double vinyl and orange vinyl editions.

The box-set not only includes “The Harmony Codex” but also “Harmonic Distortion,” a 77-minute reinterpretation of the album featuring alternate versions and remixes by notable artists like Manic Street Preachers, Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears), Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth), Interpol, Meat Beat Manifesto, Faultline, and Radiophonic Workshop.

The deluxe edition of the BluRay in the box-set offers high-resolution 96/24 stereo, 5.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos mixes of “The Harmony Codex,” along with two videos and exclusive instrumental mixes of the entire 65-minute album in high-resolution 96/24 stereo, 5.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos.

A meticulously crafted 100-page hardback book designed by Carl Glover showcases Hajo Mueller’s stunning artwork, developed over 18 months in close collaboration with Steven Wilson during the album’s production.



  1. Inclination (7.15) 
  2. What Life Brings (3.40)
  3. Economies of Scale (4.17)
  4. Impossible Tightrope (10.42)
  5. Rock Bottom (4.25)
  6. Beautiful Scarecrow (5.21)
  7. The Harmony Codex (9.50)
  8. Time is Running Out (3.57)
  9. Actual Brutal Facts (5.05)
  10. Staircase (9.26)


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