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Sunburst “Manifesto” Album Review by Jorge Pozo

Sunburst Band members

I’ve been closely following their journey through the progressive metal scene. Their debut “Fragments of Creation” was a breath of fresh air in the metal landscape, but it is their latest offering, “Manifesto,” that has truly solidified their standing. For those who might have missed our deeper exploration into the band’s journey, I highly recommend checking out our recent interview with SUNBURST here.

At the very core of “Manifesto” is an evolution that feels both natural and revolutionary. The band, comprising Vasilis GeorgiouGus DraxKostas Milonas, and Nick Grey, has elevated their sound to a realm that not many of their contemporaries inhabit. The opener, “The Flood,” immediately pulls you into their expanded universe, with its blend of melodic elegance and robust metal foundations setting the stage for what’s to come.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of “Manifesto” is the seamless integration of orchestral and electronic elements into the mix, courtesy of guest musicians like Bob Katsionus and John K. This not only adds a cinematic quality to the album but also enriches the band’s sonic palette. Tracks like “Hollow Lies”, with Vasilis’s vocals commanding attention, showcase an experimental side of SUNBURST – darker, moodier, yet never losing sight of their melodic roots.

The album ventures into complex musical terrains, with tracks such as “Samaritan” and “Perpetual Descent” highlighting the band’s technical mastery. While the intricate arrangements might seem overwhelming at times, they are a testament to SUNBURST’s unwavering ambition and artistic vision. It’s a delicate balance that they navigate with commendable finesse.

However, it is in moments like “From the Cradle to the Grave” and the album’s namesake track, “Manifesto,” that the true essence of the band shines brightest. Here, poignant lyrics are woven into stirring melodies, creating an emotiveresonance that’s rare and impactful. The album’s concluding piece, “Nocturne,” serves not just as an end but as a gateway to the limitless potentialities of SUNBURST. Its movie-like inspiration closing the album hints at the band’s capability to spin vast narratives within their compositions.

“Manifesto” is not merely an album; it’s a grand statement. Achieving a near-perfect balance of power and grace, technicality and melody, it stands as a beacon of what modern progressive metal can aspire to be. Each member brings their A-game, pushing the boundaries of their craft while maintaining a cohesive and unified sound that’s unmistakably SUNBURST.

With this album, SUNBURST hasn’t just stepped up; they’ve leaped forward. “Manifesto” is a bold exploration of what it means to grow and evolve as artists within an often rigid genre. It’s a thrilling, immersive journey that rewards repeated listens, each track unfolding new layers of complexity and emotion.

Rating: 9.5/10

“Manifesto” captures the essence of SUNBURST’s journey thus far while pointing towards an even brighter future. It’s a compelling, intricate masterpiece that stands as one of the year’s best progressive metal offerings. 

Order “Manifesto” here:

Sunburst Album Cover

01. The Flood
02. Hollow Lies
03. Samaritan
04. Perpetual Descent
05. Inimicus Intus
06. From the Cradle to the Grave
07. Manifesto
08. Nocturne

2024: Manifesto (Inner Wound Recordings)
2016: Fragments of Creation (Inner Wound Recordings)
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Inner Wound Recordings
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