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Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán presents the new single “STONE PILLARS”.

Kati Ran

Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán presents the new single STONE PILLARS together with the news of her signing to Svart Records, based in Finland, for the 2024 release of her long awaited 13 track full length album “SÁLA”. The track “Stone Pillars” written and performed by Kati Rán, explores new prophecies, stone circles, and the hand […]

Dark Folk Artist Kati Rán Signs to Svart Records, Announces New Album.

Kati Ran

Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán is now pleased to reveal that she has signed with Svart Records, where she will be debuting her brand new full-length, ‘SÁLA,’ on May 24, 2024! Kati Rán elaborates: ”For me, signing to Svart Records was the most natural next step. Collaborating and releasing my music with Svart’s long-standing expertise in bringing […]