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TENSIDE Band Members

Today, TENSIDE have dropped their brand new full-length album, Come Alive Dying, available now via Ivorytower Records. To celebrate the release, they’ve also shared the focus track and music video for ‘Pretty Lonesome’.

On the new single, vocalist and guitarist Daniel Kuhlemann comments: 
“We’ve always wanted to create a catchy track like ‘Pretty Lonesome’. It’s an absolute outlier that combines extreme catchiness with our beloved signature heaviness. Thematically, it revolves around fear of attachment and trauma that keeps haunting and pulling us back into the old black hole. To protect oneself, it’s easier to remain alone rather than let someone get too close.“

For over fifteen years, this band, formed in 2005, have captivated an international fan community with their modern metal sound, blending influences from metalcore, thrash, and industrial metal to create their unique and instantly recognisable trademark style.

Following well-received albums like NOVA (2013) and Convergence (2017), TENSIDE achieved their greatest success yet with the release of Glamour & Gloom in March 2020, entering the German Top 100 Album Charts at #45. The album also made waves in digital charts across more than fifteen countries, generating over 10 million global streams.

TENSIDE have built a solid standing through countless live performances, from small underground clubs to renowned festival stages. They have headlined tours throughout Europe, the UK, China, and Japan, and have supported international top acts such as Killswitch EngageTriviumAs I Lay DyingBad Wolves, and many more.

They have rocked stages worldwide, from Wacken Open Air and With Full Force to Bulgaria’s Hills of Rock and China’s Midi Festival. Now, the time has come to take the next step.

TENSIDE Album Covers

Track Listing:

  1. Come Alive Dying
  2. Shadow to Shine
  3. Pitch and Gold
  4. Darkness to Blight
  5. Impending Doom (Ft. John Henry)
  6. Aim for Paradise
  7. Deadweight
  8. Pretty Lonesome
  9. Silence is Betrayal
  10. Transcend
  11. Vengeance
  12. Dust of the Bereaved

Band Members:

Daniel Kuhlemann – vocals/guitars
Michael Klingenberg – guitars
Jonas Hölscher – bass
Johannes Jörg – drums

Social Media Links:
Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || YouTube || TikTok

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