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TERMINAL NATION: Echoes Of The Devil’s Den LP Out Tomorrow On 20 Buck Spin.


Echoes Of The Devil’s Den, the enraged second LP from Little Rock, Arkansas-based metallic hardcore/death metal quintet TERMINAL NATION, is out tomorrow on 20 Buck Spin and is now streaming in its entirety.

Since releasing the first TERMINAL NATION album Holocene Extinction in 2020, the USA’s simmering divisions have only widened, factions hardened, compromise disintegrated. The band’s incendiary new album Echoes Of The Devil’s Den epitomizes that boiling rage, once again appearing on the eve of a recurring nightmare election cycle of fossilized 20th century relics.

Echoes Of The Devil’s Den features guest vocals from Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage), Dwid Hellion (Integrity), Todd Jones (Nails), K. Kennedy (Sex Prisoner), and Zak Vargas (Elysia), and additional percussion by Juan Cebreros. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Recording Studio in Tucson, Arizona (Gatecreeper, Creeping Death, Spirit Adrift), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige (Obituary, Integrity, Xibalba), and completed with photography by Jacob Murry and cover artwork by Adam Burke (Eternal Champion, Acephalix, Creeping Death). A must-hear album for followers of All Out War, Bolt Thrower, Earth Crisis, Maul, Xibalba, Kruelty, Fuming Mouth, and Gatecreeper.

The band reveals, “In early 2023, TERMINAL NATION sought out to record our second LP. We weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel and we weren’t looking to be something we aren’t. Faced with a few F3-sized roadblocks, and even setbacks that ejected one of the members out of a moving vehicle and down a city block, he was determined to keep pushing forward with the rest of the TERMINAL NATION team to create an album that isn’t just about ‘sticking it to the man,’ but a record that is about adversity, the human spirit, staring mortality in the face, and using what little time we have on this planet to try to make this fucked up world a better place. This record is about being pulled to the depths of hell, being sucked right into the Devil’s den, and not only living to talk about it, but being stronger coming out of it.”

The release date for Echoes Of The Devil’s Den also marks the ten-year anniversary of TERMINAL NATION’s first show. Having just completed an East Coast run including a set at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, the band is booking new excursions into the Summer months. TERMINAL NATION and fellow Little rock crew Morbid Visionz will trek together on the Arkansas Death Forges West run, the three-city tour hitting Oklahoma City May 30th and Albuquerque May 31st on their way to play in Colorado Springs June 1st at Olympic City Dissonance alongside Fuming Mouth, Snuffed On Sight, Bodybox, Tribal Gaze, Maul, and more. Watch for more widespread live announcements to post over the months ahead.

Echoes Of The Devil’s Den returns to the beautiful time when heavy metal albums didn’t cower off and hide in some genre gutter. This is kick-ass, sonically conscious heavy music with thrash, grind, death metal, and even hardcore elements… What is especially impressive about TERMINAL NATION is how they marry ferocity and economy; not a pound of flesh is wasted on the 40 minutes here. 9/10” – Decibel Magazine

“If Nails main man Todd Jones pops up in the credits of a track, you know you’re in for something brutal. And let it be known: TERMINAL NATION‘s new song is really fucking brutal. The torchbearers for Arkansas hardcore sound more foreboding than ever on ‘Written By The Victor,’ and Jones’ demonic growls bump an otherwise filthy breakdown up another couple notches on the holy fuck scale.” – Revolver Magazine

“…a thundering, apocalyptic blast that’ll liquefy your insides if you play it loud enough.” – Stereogum

“…the quintet have set an example on how to maneuver through, between, and over various sonic profiles and approaches to never let them know your next move. All you know is when they show up, shit’s getting fucking obliterated.” – Everything Is Noise

“…an album without an ounce of weakness or filler, a modern death metal essential that stands even more confidently than its predecessor among the very best markers of a truly thriving time for the genre. 9/10” – Distorted Sound Magazine

“Right from the start you can see, hear, and feel the differences – some subtle, some more overt – between this album and its predecessor, as the group have clearly leaned even harder into the death metal influenced, Obituary-inspired, side of their sound… with their increased emphasis on gut-churning, down-tuned chuggery and brutish, buzz-saw riffery.” – No Clean Singing

“The anger and unrest at the heart of Echoes Of The Devil’s Den is so thick, you practically can smell it, its burnt-rubber toxicity easily choking you out. Terminal Nation never approached their music with a gentle hand before, and considering the state of the world at this moment, one can understand just how volatile and tormenting this attack is meant to be.” – Meat Mead Metal.



  1. Echoes Of The Devil’s Den (0:00)
  2. Written By The Victor feat. Todd Jones (4:11)
  3. The Spikes Under The Bridge feat. Zak Vargas (7:16)
  4. No Reform (New Age Slave Patrol) (10:17)
  5. Empire In Decay (13:27)
  6. Embers Of Humanity (17:21)
  7. Merchants Of Bloodshed feat. Jesse Leach (20:18)
  8. Bullet For A Stone (25:12)
  9. Dying Alive (28:09)
  10. Cemetery Of Imposters feat. K. Kennedy (31:11)
  11. Immolation (Of Mother Earth) (33:31)
  12. Release The Serpents feat. Dwid Hellion (36:09)

Terminal Nation is:

Chase Turner: Bass / Vocals
Stan Liszewski: Vocals
Tommy Robinson: Guitar
Chase Davis: Drums
Dalton Rail: Guitar

TERMINAL NATION – Arkansas Death Forges West w/ Morbid Visionz:

5/30/2024 VFW – Oklahoma City, OK

5/31/2024 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM

6/01/2024 Olympic City Dissonance @ Monument Valley Park Pavilion – Colorado Springs, CO [tickets]

More Info:

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