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The Aristocrats release First single from the upcoming album “DUCK”

The Aristocrats band members

What happens when the world’s most raucous rock/fusion instrumental power trio (The Aristocrats) decides to make a concept album? You get “DUCK”, the story of a web-footed Antarctic island native fleeing a penguin policeman all the way to New York City…where considerable misadventure and danger await. The Aristocrats – Guthrie Govan/guitar, Bryan Beller/bass, Marco Minnemann/drums – have created a kaleidoscopic musical universe, employing both trademark genre pastiches and inventive new arrangement explorations – some surprisingly emotional and sensitive – to move the story along to its frantic conclusion. And while their obvious virtuosity and inherent absurdity are present as always, it’s now employed in service of the band’s most ambitious compositional and sonic production to date.

“We’ve always been writing with a storytelling aspect in mind, and our live shows always include our stories behind the songs,” says the band, speaking as one. “But the stories had mainly been about us. Then Marco came into the studio with a song about a duck, and we were all looked at each other and said, ‘What if all of stories for the songs on this album…happened to a duck? What’s that story about?’ And suddenly we had a concept album on our hands.”

The wildly diverse music follows the protagonist duck into a big city dance club (“Aristoclub”) to being forcibly ejected from a dive bar (“Hey, Where’s MY Drink Package?”) to a dark-riffed theme for his penguin pursuer (“Sgt. Rockhopper”), eventually concluding with the action-packed, Balkan-fusion finale “This Is Not Scrotum”, featuring violinist Rusanda Panfili (Hans Zimmer Live) as a rare Aristocrats album special guest.

Mixed by Australian sonic guru Forrester Savell, and with original character artwork by Lance Myers (Space Jam), “DUCK” is The Aristocrats’ first new studio album in five years. And it’s clear that Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann have taken their collective artistry to a whole new mindblowing – albeit ridiculous – level.

Pre-order here: – releases February 16, 2024.

The Aristocrats Album cover


  1. Hey, Where’s MY Drink Package?
  2. Aristoclub
  3. Sgt. Rockhopper
  4. Sittin’ With A Duck On A Bay
  5. Here Come The Builders
  6. Muddle Through
  7. Slideshow
  8. And Then There Were Just Us / Duck’s End
  9. This Is Not Scrotum

The Aristocrats are:
Guthrie Govan (guitar)
Bryan Beller (bass)
Marco Minnemann (drums)

For more Aristocratic information:
Instagram: @thearistocratsband
Twitter: @acratsband

“Hey, Where’s MY Drink Package?”
written by Marco Minnemann, BoingSongs ASCAP © 2023
video created/edited by Jon Luini,

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