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THE COSMIC DEAD: new track streaming now!

UK’s premium astral travelers THE COSMIC DEAD unleash a new excerpt taken from their awaited ninth studio album “Infinite Peaks”, to be issued this April 12th on Heavy Psych Sounds. Stream “Space Mountain Part II: High Country” via It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine!

About this second excerpt, the band says: “High Country picks up where ‘Desert Djilo’ left off, this is the second part of our improvised 20-minute track ‘Space Mountain’. This part is both connected and unconnected with the previous and ominously speeds up like a hijacked train full of Uranium where synths. fiddles and guitars intertwine.

A follow-up to their 2019 album “Scottish Space Race”, “Infinite Peaks” delivers two instrumental incantations clocking in at over 20 minutes, offering a luxuriant and driving aural exploration in the purest TCD tradition: while first track “Navigator #9” serves as a slow-burning psychotropic takeoff that bursts into a ferocious big bang, second track “Space Mountain” explores heavy psychedelia with riff galore while floating past the Middle-East in a sandstorm of reverb-laden guitars, vortex-opening effects and magic fiddle all mingling joyfully. A generous and refreshing sonic odyssey that should win over fans of Earthless, Hawkwind, Slift, Black Bombaim.

The Cosmic Dead are an amorphous blob of space rock energy hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Their exploratory compositions often reach levels of sonic destruction through reflective repetition and visceral harmony. The band has taken many forms since forming in 2010 and has been declared ‘The loudest psychedelic rock band on the planet.” by legendary compere Kozmik Ken. At the base of the current sonic obliteration team is a rhythm section of Tommy Duffin and Omar Aborida, a thunderous and cohesive unit that is then further propelled into the outer realms by Luigi Pasquini providing frantic italo synthesized electronics along with Calum Calderwood’s mind-bending, sky-shattering fiddle acrobatics.

Their new album “Infinite Peaks” was recorded & mixed at 16 Ohm, Glasgow by Tommy Duffin & Omar Aborida and mastered by John McBain. Artwork by Luke Oram.


Omar Aborida – Bass, Guitars, Wah
Tommy Duffin – Drums, Wah
Calum Calderwood – Fiddle, Wah
Luigi Pasquini – Synthesizer, Wah

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