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THE LILAC HOUR release new single “Feeling Again”

The LILAC Band members

THE LILAC HOUR release new single ‘Feeling Again’ on 23rd Feb, out on Flip Flop Records.

This is the lead single from their upcoming EP, recorded at Kempston Street Studios in Liverpool, where Blossoms and Coldplay recorded lots of their early stuff like Charlamagne and Yellow. 

That style certainly comes through in the production on this track with strong lead synth and guitar lines throughout. The song is sad in that it details a longstanding relationship breaking down, but punctuated with its euphoric choruses as the participants take relief from the relationship’s increasingly rare enjoyable moments.


The Lilac Hour are a London-based indie rock band. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Jake McCollum, lead guitarist Matt Davies-Saunders, bassist James Katz and drummer Matt Volpato combine to produce the kind of energetic riffs and intricate melodies which pay homage to artists as diverse as Sam Fender, Declan McKenna, Nothing But Thieves and Blossoms.

The band’s early demo tracks wracked up several thousand streams on Spotify and they released the eponymously named debut EP in September 2023. The band are now working on their follow up EP, which they will release in 2024, with producer Tom Anderson at Kempston Street Studios.

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