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The Lucidia Project Releases New Single “Soul Killer”.

The Lucidia Project Band members

US Symphonic Alternative Metal band The Lucidia Project releases new Single/Official Visualizer “Soul Killer”, now available on band’s official YouTube channel.

The song is autobiographical and details the feeling of emotional/abuse by using tense string arrangements, and introspective lyrics to capture the feeling of “frozen anxiety” Released on may 10th, “Soul Killer” carries not only a personal message but also a social message about the more hidden forms of abuse and the impact that has on a person and the years of healing required to overcome this form of trauma.

Founded in 2022 by Vocalist/Pianist Chase Baldwin and Bassist/Guitarist Ben Jacobs in Fargo, ND, The Lucidia Project is a band that fuses alternative metal with elements of symphonic metal, doom metal, progressive/atmospheric rock and indie singer-songwriters.

Characterized by melodic lead vocals juxtaposed with harsh vocals, piano melodies, poetic and introspective lyrics, heavy riffs and lush string arrangements. The band also brings heavy atmospheric elements to their sound. In 2022 the band released their first self titled demo, which saw the songs In the Fray and Lights out garner independent radio play. Chase and Ben collaborated further on a new EP titled The Requiem EP in 2023, which saw the band gain press attention and additional radio play for their songs Requiem and Eventide. This EP also developed their sound further, fusing together metal with indie/alternative influences in a more coherent way.

The Lucidia Project later welcomed the additions of Chris Polasky (rhythm guitar) and Daniel Williams (Lead Guitar) in 2023, and together, they wrote and recorded a new single titled “Soul Killer”, which features a more mature and refined evolution on the bands sound.

The Lucidia Project is:
Chase Baldwin: All Vocals, Pianos, string arrangements and programming
Ben Jacobs: Bass guitar
Chris Polasky: Rhythm guitar
Daniel Williams: Lead guitar

For more info:

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