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The Mommyheads share video for “Coney Island Kid”

The Mommyheads

Prog-pop cult heroes The Mommyheads have released the most ambitious album of their nearly four-decade career, CONEY ISLAND KID, out now via FANFAR! Records in Europe and Mommyhead Music for the rest of the world. 
CONEY ISLAND KID marks the venerable NYC-based band’s 15th studio LP and first-ever foray into concept album terrain. Now, the band are pleased share the video for the title track and opening track from the new album.

Guitarist, singer Adam Elk on the “Coney Island Kid“: The Video for ‘Coney Island Kid’ is a combined edit of 7 different shows from our Sept 2023 tour of Sweden and the US North East. ‘Coney Island Kid’ kicks off the album and firmly establishes the main character as a survivor, witness, fighter, protagonist and escape artist. It’s a 6 minute sonic subconscious deep dive into my childhood neighborhood that hopefully taps into those intense emotions most listeners have for their early memories. Love or hate the place you come from, your feelings for it will eventually need to be addressed to truly understand who you are. We did our best to conjure up the smells and sounds of Coney Island with music and sound design.”

The Mommyheads album cover

Coney Island Kid
Artificial Island
Solemn By The Sea
Suburban Office Park
Learning To Live
Why Aren’t You Smiling
Such Beautiful Things
Onset, MA
Soul’s Aquarium


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