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The Scream Band Members

The SCREAM’s new and third album is titled WHELLCOME. It’s a 9-track record that spans from high-energy and fast-paced songs to more melodic and darker, aggressive ones, showcasing the band’s signature blend of punk and hard rock genres.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Toxic Basement Studio in Carate Brianza (Italy), where the band’s first album was also recorded.

The themes explored in the album are diverse. It touches upon the end of the world, both in a literal and metaphorical sense, as heard in The Sky Has Fallen and If It’s The End Of The World. There are references to nightmarish scenarios in All A Nightmare and more sensual dreams in Dirty Dreams. The album also reflects carefree desires to party and have fun in Go Out… Go Mad, as well as moments of anger and defiance in Underdogs Hymn and Never Give In.

The SCREAM say these various themes and songs cover a wide range of emotions, all with a common purpose; “before the moment comes for everyone to read the sign WHELLCOME, meaning welcome to hell, it’s important to remember to live every day to the fullest, both in the good times and the bad, in nightmares and dreams, in joy and anger.”

The Scream Album Covers


  1. Shooting Stars 
  2. The Sky Has Fallen 
  3. Go Out… Go Mad 
  4. Underdogs Hymn | 05. All A Nightmare 
  5. The Best Of Me 
  6. Never Give In 
  7. Dirty Dreams 
  8. If It’s The End Of The World

The SCREAM are:

Edoardo Ferri – Bass Guitar/Principal Vocal 
Francesco Carrabba – Drums/Backing Vocal 
Simone Bardella – Guitar/Backing Vocal

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