Toronto-based art-rockers Tidal Wave announce the release of their new single “Our Silhouettes” available now on all streaming services.

As the Canadian Winter arrives, there’s no better time for Tidal Wave to reintroduce themselves with a new single. Produced by Connor Young (The Reklaws, Johnny Orlando) and mastered by Kristian Montano (Jeremie Albino) ‘Our Silhouettes’ is bursting with layers of sonic energy.

Fuzzy shoegaze-inspired guitars are coupled with the smooth strings of two violins, and analog vintage synths creating a haunting mix of guitar-driven synth-rock. Combined with the atmospheric and complex vocals of lead vocalist Connor Young, captures the signature emotional depth and honesty woven throughout Tidal Waves’ music, possessing an incisive ability to wind its way into the hearts and minds of listeners.

On the new single, Tidal Wave frontman Connor Young comments: I probably spend an unnerving amount of time thinking about death and consciousness, the unrelenting void that will take us all. This includes a lot of morbid thoughts of the current impact of our environmental destruction and the tense politics of a lunatic like Trump being in office threatening to destroy monuments and reign fire like never before.

Listen to “Our SilhouettesHERE

With all those variables I decided to write a song about a couple who were powerfully in love but trapped together. It’s a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is forced underground.

Hence the lyrics “The artificial light” and “False sea” ideas of never seeing the sun or ocean again, instead of pools of water underground and fluorescent bulbs. They’re completely in love and want to spend their entire lives with each other, but what kind of life is it if you’re just trapped in the underground counting away your days.”

You can listen to “Our SilhouettesHERE



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