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TRIBULATION release new video for single “Saturn Coming Down”.

Tribulation Band Members

Swedish Metal sensation Tribulation are back, and they unleash their new single Saturn Coming Down. Accompanied by a haunting music video, the single reveals a new side of the band while staying true to their dark sound and compelling melodies.

On the new music video, guitarist Adam Zaars comments:
“’Saturn Coming Down” is a song that creeps up on you and that hopefully gets thoroughly under your skin. It’s a taste of the new musical areas we’ve charted that’s taken us to places we’ve never ventured into before. An ode to a very old titan who constantly seems to be lurking behind our backs.”

“As many of you will know we have always striven to push our own musical boundaries and to let the music change and grow with us, and vice versa, and to carve out our own niche in metal in general and in our own musical landscape in particular. “Saturn Coming Down” is the next stage in that ongoing process. It’s a song about Saturn and our various interpretations and imaginings of him throughout the millennia. Helping us with visualising this we had the pleasure of working with Brendan McGowan who really outdid himself with this video. We also had help from our friend Damón Zurawski who shot us here in Sweden. We couldn’t be happier with the result! Death is the way of the world!”

TRIBULATION are known for their unique blend of gothic and death metal. Formed in 2005, the band consists of Johannes Andersson (Vocals/Bass), Adam Zaars (Guitar), Joseph Tholl (Guitar) and Oscar Leander (Drums). They have released several captivating albums during their career and are renowned for their theatrical live performances. ‘Saturn Coming Down‘ marks the first release of the band after their 2023 EP Hamartia, which has achieved critical acclaim after TRIBULATION’s award-winning last studio album Where the Gloom Becomes Sound in 2021.

The band are supporting legendary progressive metal pioneers Opeth on their North America tour this October 2024 with their last show on Halloween in San Francisco.

Tribulation Album Cover
Tribulation Album Cover

EP Artwork – Adam Zaars
Track Listing:

  1. Hamartia
  2. Axis Mundi
  3. Hemoclysm
  4. Vengeance (The Path) [Blue Öyster Cult cover]

Band Members:
Johannes Andersson – vocals, bass
Adam Zaars – guitars
Joseph Tholl – guitars
Oscar Leander – drums

Social Media Links:
Website || Facebook || Instagram

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