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Tricie and the Phantom Punks sign with We Are Horror Records.

Tricie and the Phantom Punks Band members

Tricie and the Phantom Punks, the ultimate horror punk sensation in Texas, have officially joined the We Are Horror Records family. With new releases on the horizon, this partnership will be to die for, beginning with the exclusive track “Darling Richie” on the compilation “Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol. 3” due for release on April 5.

Tricie and the Phantom Punks, is a Horror-Punk band from Houston, Texas. In 2019, the band was formed by two veterans of the Houston and Phoenix punk scenes. Born during the pandemic as a cure for boredom, Tricie and the Phantom Punks started as a duo under the name TnJ. The duo, Tricie and J started recording Misfits and Ramones covers accompanied by funny videos. The band quickly wrote, recorded and shot a video for their first original song, “More Brainz”, and staked their claim as a “the best little horror punk band in Texas!”

Tricie and J moved forward and recorded an EP with original songs. They enlisted musician friends to appear on the EP including Donnie Vomit from Fenix TX, Dane Sonnier from Galactic Cowboys, Brian Davis from 30footFALL & Middlefinger, and singer/songwriter, David Catoire.

Tricie and the Phantom Punk‘s music has been described as, “If the Misfits, The Ramones and Trash, from Return of the Living Dead, had a threesome and then had a baby band.”

Tricie and the Phantom Punks released a 5 song EP on November 25, 2022. The single, “More Brainz”, has been played on Rodney Bingenheimer’s show on SiriusXM on channel 21, Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

Tricie and the Phantom Punks Album

EP track listing:
1. Breakfast
2. More Brainz
3. Bleed
4. Your Coffin is Ready!
5. Graveyard Party

Tricie and the Phantom Punks are:
Tricie Texas – Vocals
Phantom 1 – Bass (J)
Phantom 2 – Guitar (Jake)
Phantom 3 – Drums

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