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TVINNA Release ‘Two Staves’ With Impressive Music Video

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Dark electronic quartet TVINNA from Germany are now releasing their second single “Two Staves”. The track is taken from their new upcoming album ‘Two – Wings of Ember’ which will be released via By Norse on 23rd of February 2024.

The song carries a hidden message through its lyrics, music, and video, addressing the collective consequences of human actions, which the music video so effectively expresses.

Vocalist Laura explains: „Two Staves“ are our symbol for a wheel cross, an old nordic symbol for the sun: an all-embracing, fateful meaning, as it turns and turns without ceasing. It’s a reminder that all actions have consequences and the song itself is our way to express our feelings about the climate crisis in a reflected, lyrical way. In „Two Staves“ we have to face our reflection, reminding us that they’re no gods to answer our selfish prayers, only our own deed – wether we will walk the valley, we’re currently striding – or not.

TVINNA Album Covers


1. Nénuphar (02:16)
2. Dawn Of Mine (04:05)
3. Louga (feat. Fabienne Erni) (03:33)
4. Irwahhên (04:06)
5. Arma (04:46)
6. Wings Of Ember (05:00)
7. Somnia (06:46)
8. Two Staves (05:01)
9. Fortress (03:58)
10. The Fall (06:06)
11. Der Weg (03:17)


Laura Fella: Vocals, Synthesizer, Shaman Drum, Electronics, Beats (Faun)
Rafael Fella: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electronics (Eluveitie)
Alain Ackermann: Drums (Eluveitie)
Sascha van der Meer: Backing Vocals (Solarcycles)

TVINNA live:

23.05.2024 – Hamburg, Hebebühne, DE
24.05.2024 – Leipzig, Naumanns, DE
25.05.2024 – München, Backstage Club, DE

Massive guitar riffs blaze out of melancholic, mystical dark folk mists, rhythmic throbbing ignites soulful hymns -expressive, progressive and deeply emotional at their core. Analogue sound elements meander playfully through tightly woven melodic arcs and spherical rock waves, unleashed and captivating at the same time. Everything comes together, melts and culminates in a rewarding ritual, the second TVINNA album “Two -Wings Of Ember”. 

“Where there is light, there is also darkness. This duality pulsates in each of our songs, it is a big part of our very own perception and aesthetics. By letting the darkness shine, we hope to see the light shine brighter.” (Laura Fella)

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