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Unveiling The Hu’s ‘Warrior Souls’ Tour: A Journey Through Music and Environmental Advocacy

the hu band members in concert

The internationally renowned Mongolian rock sensation, The Hu, is set to grace the West Coast with their powerful live performance and warrior-themed anthems this upcoming autumn. They’ve just unveiled their headlining tour, commencing on October 9 in San Francisco and concluding on October 26 in Phoenix, AZ. During both legs of the tour, The Hu will treat fans to an impressive 65-minute set featuring their viral hit singles from their two albums under Better Noise Music: “The Gereg” from 2019 and “Rumble of Thunder” from 2022. Moreover, they will offer audiences an exclusive preview of unreleased new music.

Tickets for the “Warrior Souls” tour will be available for purchase starting this Friday, September 1, at 10:00 A.M. local time via the provided link.

In addition to their tour announcement, The Hu has exciting news about an upcoming music video for the emotionally charged track ‘Sell The World’ from “Rumble of Thunder.” A teaser clip of the video is already available for streaming.

‘Sell The World’ delves into humanity’s careless impact on the environment and underscores the band’s call to restore a deep respect for nature. This theme is a central message in The Hu’s music and aligns with their recent designation as a UNESCO “Artist of Peace” for 2023. The band has also revealed their plans to plant 12,000 Siberian Elm trees in the barren desert area of Southeastern Mongolia, shaping them in the form of their band logo, in collaboration with the environmental institution SHAMBALE2056 Engineering Campus, LLC.

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