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Uzziel delves into the shadowy aspects of existence with their latest Thrash Metal/Groove Metal video, “Captured by Emptiness.”

Uzziel band members

Life harbors its shadowy sides. Often unnoticed by society, which maintains its facade, there are people trapped in a nightmare of self-doubt, depression, and hopelessness. Escaping this situation seems dauntingly difficult. The battle these individuals face often remains hidden from those around them. ‘Captured By Emptiness‘, the upcoming single from the Austrian Thrash Metal / Groove metal band Uzziel, tells the story of such a struggle. It is set to be released on February 9th through NRT-Records in an audiovisual format, marking a significant reset for Uzziel.

The year 2023 was eventful for the metal band Uzziel. While they tirelessly worked on reworking their back catalog in the studio and giving it a new mix, they captivated audiences at several live events. In April, Uzziel performed at Debauchery’s Blutfest in Vienna, and in the summer of the same year, they could be seen at the Area 53 Festival in Leoben. In August, they even participated in the Kaltenbach Open-Air Festival before returning to the studio to continue their work, the first result of which was presented to the public on February 9, 2024, with the re-release of their single “Captured By Emptiness” in both audio and visual form.

The history of the metal band Uzziel is closely linked to Micheldorf near by Wels in Upper Austria. In 2010, frontman Mexx Uzziel and guitarist Jürgen “Hati” Hartwagner decided to embark on a new chapter in the world of thrash metal. Their musical journey, which started somewhat hesitantly but gained determination over time, led to a series of demo albums and notable festival performances. Among these were concerts at the renowned Kaltenbach Open-Air and the Austrian Hellfest, which helped the band gain recognition within the national metal scene.

With their first demo, “Broken,” which was released in 2011, Uzziel already demonstrated their musical strength and versatility. The name Uzzuiel, which means “God is my strength” in Hebrew, not only symbolizes the musical power of the band but also connects to the biblical figure Uzziel, Moses‘ uncle, who, according to the Bible and the Torah, was tasked by God with liberating the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery.

With their 2015 album ‘Torn Apart,’ Uzziel managed to secure a solid place in the German-speaking metal scene. The album stands out for its fascinating fusion of dark thrash metal and groove metal with nu-metal elements, making their sound unique and unmistakable. Uzziel has proven that they are more than just another metal band; they are always striving to push the boundaries of the genre and provide the perfect sonic experience for fans of acts like Pro-Pain, Enemy Inside, or even Brimstone.

In 2019, Uzziel released their second full-length album, ‘This Fear,’ in collaboration with SAOL. Songs like ‘This Fear‘ and performances alongside acts like Sepultura in Wels, Debauchery, or Eisregen at the Winter Metal Storm Festival were well- received by the metal scene and garnered Uzziel even more significant attention beyond their national borders.

The powerful blend of thrash, groove, and nu-metal caught the attention of the German independent label NRT-Records, with whom Uzziel signed a long-term record deal in 2022. Subsequently, Uzziel performed at the Area 53 Festival and decided on a fresh start, during which their original albums will be removed from the shops and re-released with a new sound and mix through NRT-Records in the coming years.

Guitarist Jürgen Hartwagner had left the band in the meantime. Without him, Uzziel performed again at the Kaltenbach Open-Air Festival on August 17, 2023, followed by more concerts featuring Uzziel. They played a concert at the 10th Anniversary Festival of the Metal Outbreak series on October 15, 2023, and were invited to participate in the anniversary show of Debauchery in Vienna.

The year 2024 marks a significant reset for Uzziel. With the re-release of ‘Captured By Emptiness,’ the Upper Austrians make their label debut on NRT-Records and also release a remastered version of the original video from 2011, personally remastered by NRT-Records founder Philipp Gottfried. This release, presents Uzziel in a new light and offers a mature blend of thrash metal, dark metal, groove metal, and nu-metal. It represents the first step in the new direction that will culminate in the release of the remastered back catalog and the upcoming third album.

Uzziel Captured by Emptiness Artwork

Line Up
Mexx Uzziel: Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Hati: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Francis: Guitars
Tom: Drums

Recorded at: Darkspace Studios
Mixed and mastered by: Marcus Pilz 
Written and composed by: Marcus Pilz 
Artwork by: Sedesa Studio

Remarkable Live:
– Blutfest – 20 Years Debauchery [Festival] October 15, 2023
– Kaltenbach Open-Air [Festival] August 17, 2023
– Area 53 [Festival] August 17, 2023
– Metalnight Outbreak [Festival] July 10, 2023
– Blutfest – 2019 [Festival] October 26, 2019

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