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VEIL OF THE SERPENT announces ‘Into The Moon’ EP featuring Israeli singer Moran Magal.

Veil Of The Serpent Band Member 1

Originally released in 2022, VEIL OF THE SERPENT‘s heartbreaking metal ballad ‘Into The Moon‘ now returns as a brand new three track EP!

The band states:
“The song is about a man who enjoys staring at the moon and dreaming about all that he could do in life, as he slowly grows older and the opportunities start to go away. Only in the end does the listener realize that he is in the hospital in a vegetative state and is dreaming of the life he might have if he is born again. Absolutely heartbreaking and such a beauty of a ballad! So we thought it’s time to highlight the song again by releasing this EP.”

The ‘Into The Moon‘ EP will contain the original song, the instrumental version of the track and an alternate version, for which the band teamed up with Israeli singer Moran Magal to create a captivating duet between Moran and VEIL OF THE SERPENT singer JD Stafford.

The emotional three track offering will be released digitally on February 20, 2024.

Veil Of The Serpent Album Cover

About the band:
VEIL OF THE SERPENT is a multi-national heavy metal band that was founded in 2021 by guitarist Gene and his son Felix. The two mooted the idea of working together in 2020. One year later they found a very talented singer in JD Stafford who completed the band’s line-up.

JD Stafford – Vocals
Gene – Guitars
Felix – Drums

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