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VIANOVA shared an ultra-personal music video ‘Silver Linings’ & dropped new EP


‘Silver Linings’ is not only the closing song and title of the upcoming single from Vianova’s third EP “…a Way Out”, it is also the most personal piece of music the Berlin band has ever written. While brothers Felix (guitar) and Paul (drums) and singer Alex grew up very differently, there is a common thread in their lives that they share. Both families have siblings with severe disabilities. ‘Silver Linings’ reflects on the joy and difficulty of caring for a loved one who will never be able to care for themselves entirely. It is a paradoxical anthem about hope and despair in the face of a terminal diagnosis. The song’s narrative is enhanced by a cinematic orchestral arrangement conducted by Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger and masterfully woven into the highs and lows of Silver Linings. 
 “The music video for Silver Linings shares very personal insights into the early history of the Vogelgesang family, which includes Felix and Paul (guitar and drums). It exemplifies the maintenance of normalcy, despite the looming physical disability of our sister Lucie.” – VIANOVA

View Vianova’s intimate video footage here: 

 “…a Way Out” is a varied collection of songs that differ significantly in their atmosphere and topics. All songs feature the heavy riffs, dynamic drumming, varied vocals, and imaginative arrangements that complete the Vianova sound. It shows Vianova’s ability to evolve and challenge the boundaries of their creativity constantly. The new songs are more technical, fierce, playful, and imaginative than previous songs, putting Vianova directly on the map of newcomers to watch out for in the coming years. Stream it here:

vianova artwork

01 In Excelsis Deo
02 Jones (feat. Chris Zuehlke of Half Me)
03 To Catch a Ray of Light    
04 Shiver (feat. Pritam of Aarlon)
05 Silver Linings
Vianova online:
Vianova are:
Alexander Kerski – vocals
Felix Vogelgesang – guitar
Raoul Zillani – bass
Paul Vogelgesang – drums

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