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Vlad in Tears “Relapse” Album review by Luz Figueroa

vlad in tears band

Navigating the expansive terrain of Gothic Metal, Vlad in Tears‘ latest offering, “Relapse,” embarks on a sonic journey that delves deep into the genre’s heart while charting its unique path. Formed in Italy but now based in Berlin, the band, primarily composed of siblings Kris (vocals/piano), Dario (bass), and Lex Vlad (guitar), has a storied history that dates back to 2006. With their roots firmly planted in the dark and melodic essence of Gothic Metal, “Relapse” emerges as a significant pivot in their musical exploration, showcasing a raw, more guitar-centric sound that diverges from their previous synth-laden endeavors.

Recorded over an intense ten-day session at Kris’ personal studio, this album is a testament to the band’s cohesive creativity and their willingness to strip back the layers to reveal a grittier, hard rock essence. The absence of synth elements, a staple in their earlier works, marks “Relapse” as one of their most audacious projects, pushing the boundaries of their sound into new territories.

Relapse” is an 11-track compilation that does not shy away from showcasing its heavy rock pedigree. Tracks like “Break Away” and “Broken Bones” exemplify the band’s knack for crafting haunting melodies that are both emotionally charged and rhythmically compelling. Meanwhile, “Dig Deep” and “Fight For Another Day” stand out as anthems of resilience and rebirth, featuring Lex Vlad‘s dynamic riffing alongside Kris’ more rugged vocal delivery, a stark contrast to the romantic undertones present in their earlier work.

The album also ventures into quieter, more introspective territories with songs like “Goodbye,” where the band’s ability to create poignant, hymn-like atmospheres shines through. This diversity in sound and emotion showcases Vlad in Tears‘ maturity as musicians and their adeptness at navigating the complexities of human experience through their music.

However, “Relapse” is not without its risks. The deliberate move away from synth elements to a more guitar-driven approach might divide longtime fans. Yet, it’s this very daring that injects the album with a fresh energy, allowing the band to explore new creative landscapes while retaining the core of what makes their music resonate with listeners.

In essence, “Relapse” stands as a bold declaration of Vlad in Tears‘ evolution, a balancing act between the familiar and the innovative. The album’s gritty production and raw energy, coupled with the band’s signature melodic touch, make for a compelling listen that’s both refreshing and deeply rooted in the genre’s traditions.

Luz’s Rating: 8/10

vlad in tears album

01 Break Away 3:23
02 Broken Bones 2:59
03 Day By Day 4:05
04 Dig Deep 3:11
05 Fight For Another Day 2:29
06 Goodbye 4:05
07 Hallo 3:38
08 Hear Me Out 3:23
09 Live Again 3:51
10 Me Myself And I 2:58
11 Not Good Enough 3:50

Kris Vlad – vocals
D. Vlad – bass guitar
Lex Vlad – guitar

Seed Of An Ancient Pain (2007)
Underskin (2009)
Welcome To Vladyland (2011)
Vlad In Tears (2014)
Unbroken (2016)
Souls On Sale (2017)
Dead Stories Of Forsaken Lovers (2020)


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