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Vltimas “Epic” Album review by Luz Figueroa

Vltimas band scaled

In the realm of extreme metal, a genre where the fusion of darkness and technical prowess often defines the vanguard, Vltimas emerges once again to stake its claim with their latest offering, “Epic.” This supergroup, a conclave of metal royalty, has managed to refine their already potent blend of blackened death metal into something even more compelling and distinctive.

David Vincent, Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen, and Flo Mounier—names that resonate with authority and respect in metal circles—along with Ype TVS return with a sophomore album that not only meets the high expectations set by their debut but in many ways, surpasses it. “Epic” is a masterclass in balance; it’s an album that weaves the ferocity of death metal with the atmospheric nuances of black metal, all while incorporating elements that push the boundaries of both genres.

From the outset, “Epic” captivates with its audacious compositions. The opening instrumental sets a tone that is both ominous and inviting, a precursor to the journey that Vltimas is about to take the listener on. Blasphemer‘s guitar work is, as always, a highlight—his ability to craft riffs that are as haunting as they are beautiful is unmatched. His solos are not just technical displays but are integral to the narrative flow of the album, adding layers of depth to each track.

Vincent‘s vocal performance on “Epic” is nothing short of phenomenal. His ability to toggle between the guttural and the melodic not only showcases his range but also adds a dynamic quality to the music that is captivating. The lyrics, delivered with crystal-clear diction, explore themes of conflict, triumph, and the metaphysical, grounding the album’s grandiose soundscapes with a sense of purpose and direction.

The rhythm section, anchored by Mounier‘s precise and explosive drumming, provides the perfect foundation for the album’s ambitious compositions. The drum work on “Epic” is both aggressive and intricate, driving the music forward while complementing the melodic elements of the guitar and vocals.

The production on “Epic,” handled by Jaime Gomez Arellano, deserves special mention. It strikes the perfect balance between clarity and rawness, allowing each element of the band’s sound to shine without sacrificing the organic feel that is so crucial to extreme metal. This is a record that sounds massive, yet never overproduced, a testament to the band’s vision and Arellano‘s expertise.

In conclusion, “Epic” emerges as a monumental achievement, a record that asserts its dominance within the extreme metal scene. It is both a homage to the genre’s foundations and a bold leap forward, a rare accomplishment in a scene often preoccupied with its past. Vltimas not only fulfills the lofty expectations set by their supergroup status but transcends it, delivering an album that is as innovative as it is commanding. “Epic” invites listeners on a journey through darkness that is compelling and unforgettable, showcasing what happens when metal’s most esteemed talents unite to forge something truly extraordinary.

Jorge’s Rating: 9.5/10


Vltimas album


1. Volens Discordant – 1:022. EPIC – 4:35
3. Miserere – 3:51
4. Exercitus Irae – 4:01
5. Mephisto Manifesto – 5:05
6. Scorcher – 3:21
7. Invictus – 5:30
8. Nature’s Fangs – 3:52
9. Spoils Of War – 5:54
Total runtime:37:16

David Vincent – Vocals
Rune ‘Blasphemer’ Eriksen – Guitars
Flo Mounier – Drums
Ype TVS – Bass

Recording Studio
Arda Records (Porto, Portugal)

Jaime Gomez ArellanoSound Engineer
Jonathan Mazzeo

Mixing, Mastering Studio & Engineer
Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studio

Artwork Artist
Daniele Valeriani w/ additional layout by Adrien Bousson


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