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Volucrine released a new single & video Riptide from their upcoming fourth studio album ETNA!

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The Finnish modern metal band Volucrine released a new single Riptide. The track is taken from the upcoming fourth studio album ETNA which is set to be released on February 16th 2024 via Inverse Records. 

Vocalist Jupe Velin comments:
“Riptide is the story of a life lost in a storm of mental distress and pressure. There is still hope for a recovery, but the journey to the surface is getting longer by the day as the bottom inches closer and closer. Or is the bottom only an illusion as well? A mere landmark on the way to the endless depths below? We have been saying that we’ve returned to a heavier expression with the upcoming album and Riptide really lives up to all expectations in that regard. If our soon-to-bereleased album ETNA is a kind of survival story of a fragile psyche, RIPTIDE serves as a prologue bursting with explosive power. We’ve injected the song with a generous helping of punk attitude and hardcore energy to spice up our familiar alternative metal formula. So the course is clear! The crew of Volucrine welcomes you to board this dilapidated vessel sailing through the surges of a broken mind!” 

LISTEN Riptide single on streaming services: 

Volucrine are a modern metal band that grew up by the cold Kymijoki river, in the shadows of Kouvola’s concrete structures. Founded in 2009, Volucrine’s mission has been, ever since the beginning, to tell stories of relatable emotions and challenges; to reflect and articulate humane themes beyond the borders of pain. The band’s style of genre-defying melodic alternative metal with vigorous guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and varied, rich vocal arrangements has only grown and refined over the years. Volucrine’s characteristic sound is created by mixing elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal and metalcore with the conventions of pop and rock music. This mixture creates a heartfelt but heavy style of music, where genuine emotion and primal frenzy go hand in hand. 

At the beginning of 2024, the band will release their fourth full-length album, ETNA, and are eager to get back on stage after spending a long time working in the studio. Volucrine thrive on energetic live shows and are a true force of nature on stage, bringing a positive energy and uncompromising power to each performance. Operating at the turning point of their 15-year journey, the reformed band is finally in its purest form and is ready for everything the future has to offer.


Track list:

  1. Riptide
  2. Combatant
  3. Old Friend
  4. Scarred Earth
  5. The Verge
  6. Bloodsports
  7. ETNA
  8. Pyroclastic
  9. Godsized
  10. Escapist

Artwork by Jupe Velin

Jupe Velin – vocals
Joni Kyynäräinen – bass
Antti Heikkilä – guitar
Jani Aalto – drums & percussion


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