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Vulture “Sentinels” album review by Jorge Pozo

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Vulture, the German thrash metal outfit known for their relentless speed and razor-sharp precision, have soared back into the spotlight with their latest offering, Sentinels. Released through Metal Blade Records, this album marks a formidable chapter in their discography, boasting a refined yet ferocious sound that heralds a significant evolution for the band.

From the explosive opener “Screams from the Abattoir,” it’s clear that Vulture has dialed up the intensity. The track is a relentless barrage of sonic fury, setting a high bar for the album with its blistering guitar riffs and L. Steeler‘s piercing vocals, which command attention with every shriek. The production, handled adeptly by Marco Brinkmann at Hellforge Studio, balances clarity with a raw edge that harks back to the genre’s golden age.

Unhallowed & Forgotten” quickly emerges as a standout, showcasing an infectious mix of pounding drums and anthemic choruses that demonstrate Vulture’s ability to blend traditional metal elements with their unique brand of ferocity. This track, along with “Realm of the Impaler,” exemplifies the band’s skillful craftsmanship in songwriting. Here, old-school vibes meet modern execution in a dance of electrifying guitar solos and vocal theatrics that feel both nostalgic and fresh.

The album’s pacing is masterful, with songs like “Death Row” and “Gargoyles” offering up-tempo thrills, while the instrumental “Der Tod Trägt Schwarzes Leder” provides a haunting interlude. The latter track, with its mellow guitar work and atmospheric build, adds a dynamic contrast to the album’s predominantly high-octane composition.

However, Sentinels is not without its quirks. Tracks such as “Draw Your Blades” and “Where There’s a Whip (There’s a Way)” are competent yet fail to add anything new to the mix, occasionally feeling like familiar retreads of bygone thrash anthems. Additionally, the album’s consistent reliance on speed and aggression might overwhelm those seeking more melodic or varied auditory experiences.

Lyrically, Vulture sticks to familiar themes of darkness and defiance, but with a poetic edge that steers clear of cliché. The title track “Sentinels (Heavier Than Time)” is a lyrical and instrumental powerhouse that closes the album on a high note, its anthemic chorus and layered guitar work creating an enduring echo that resonates long after the last note fades.

In summary, Sentinels is a robust album that will satisfy purists of the genre while potentially drawing in new fans with its polished ferocity. Vulture has not only paid homage to the architects of thrash but has also staked their own claim within the genre’s evolving landscape. Despite a couple of tracks that might not stray far from the formula, the album is a compelling listen, brimming with the raw, unapologetic spirit of metal.

Jorge’s Rating: 8/10

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Album Tracklist

  1. Screams from the Abattoir
  2. Unhallowed & Forgotten
  3. Transylvania
  4. Realm of the Impaler
  5. Draw Your Blades
  6. Where There’s a Whip (There Is a Way)
  7. Der Tod Trägt Schwarzes Leder
  8. Death Row
  9. Gargoyles
  10. Oathbreaker
  11. Sentinels (Heavier Than Time)

Band Lineup

L. Steeler – lead vocals
S. Castevet – guitars
M. Outlaw – guitars
A. Axetinctör – bass guitar
G. Deceiver – drums

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