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Witherfall “Sounds of the Forgotten” Album Review by Jorge Pozo

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In a harmonious blend of darkness and melody, Witherfall returns impressively with their fourth album, “Sounds of the Forgotten”, embodying an evolution in their sound that both captivates and enthralls. Orchestrated by Joseph Michael and Jake Dreyer, with the deft production alongside Chris “Zeuss” Harris, this album unfurls a rich tapestry of dark melodic metal, infused with the spirit of North American heavy metal tradition.

From the outset, “Sounds of the Forgotten” marks a continuation and amplification of Witherfall‘s distinct sonic identity. “They Will Let You Down” shimmers into existence with an array of technical riffs and aggressive arrangements setting the stage, whereas “Where Do I Begin?”, the power ballad in a league of its own, reflects on the raw, emotive connection with music, steered by Michael‘s impassioned vocals. Here, Witherfall explores the less trodden paths, weaving intricate tales of resilience and empowerment against the backdrop of their signature sound.

The dynamic inclusion of Chris Tsaganeas on drums and Gerry Hirschfeld on multi-instruments adds layers of complexity, enriching the textural depth of the album. Tracks such as “Insidious” and “Ceremony of Fire” characterize the band’s ability to fuse relentless energy with melodic prowess, a duality that propels the listener through an expansive auditory journey.

Central to the album is its title track, “Sounds of the Forgotten”, a song that epitomizes Witherfall‘s knack for crafting hauntingly beautiful melodies that linger. In tandem, “Aftermath” and “When It All Falls Away” delve into introspective territories, showcasing the band’s versatile engagement with themes ranging from despair to a stalwart perseverance.

Notably, “What Have You Done?” closes the album on a poignant note, encapsulating a narrative of fallibility and redemption, mirrored in a musical structure that mirrors life’s tumultuous, often unpredictable, essence. The band’s message—of navigating the shadows to find light—resonates through this closing piece, epitomizing the album’s overarching ethos.

Bolstered by the stirring artwork of Blake Armstrong, “Sounds of the Forgotten” invites listeners into a realm where ambition, power, and artistic integrity collide, encapsulating the band’s journey through a period marked by turbulence and transformation.

Witherfall‘s meticulous approach to songwriting and arrangement, combined with their relentless pursuit of musical evolution, ensures that “Sounds of the Forgotten” stands as a testament in their discography. This album not only confirms the band’s place within the pantheon of dark melodic metal but also underscores their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

“Sounds of The Forgotten” is a masterful exhibition of Witherfall‘s growth and indomitable spirit. It is a journey through darkness and light, despair and hope, rendered with an intensity that both challenges and rewards its listeners. With a blend of technical prowess and emotive depth, this album rates a resounding 10 out of 10, reaffirming that Witherfall‘s journey is far from over; indeed, it grows only more compelling with each release.

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‘Sounds Of Forgotten’ Tracklist:

  1. They Will Let You Down
  2. Where Do I Begin
  3. A Lonely Path
  4. Insidious
  5. Ceremony Of Fire
  6. Sounds Of The Forgotten
  7. Aftermath
  8. When It All Falls Away
  9. Opulent
  10. What Have You Done

Witherfall are guitarist/songwriter Jake Dreyer, vocalist/songwriter Joseph Michael, bassist Anthony Crawford, drummer Marco Minnemann (recording only), drummer/percussionist Chris Tsaganeas, and keyboardist Gerry Hirschfeld.

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