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Crente Releases “Carnica / Buried Yesterday” EP


Crente follows up their full length “Analects” with the devastating new singles “Carniça” and “Buried Yesterday.” The Brazilian trio continues to transcend beyond extreme music sub-genres by blending together the best elements of death and thrash metal into a sound all their own. Combine that with convicting lyrics which strive to push us to a greater existence.

Both tracks are now available as a special limited edition CD single packaged in a vinyl-style cardboard jacket. CD jacket features “Carnica” art on one side and “Buried Yesterday” art on the other.

You can order your copy of “Carnica / Buried Yesterday” right now here.


Gabriel de Lucca – Vocal
Juan Mosh – Guitar and Vocal
Marciel Argentina – Bass

Produced and recorded by Juan Mosh

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