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Dååth “The Deceivers” Album Review by Nolan Pearce

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In the ever-evolving landscape of progressive death metal, Dååth has boldly emerged from a long hiatus to present their latest masterpiece, The Deceivers, a complex amalgamation of guttural intensity and symphonic elegance released by Metal Blade Records. The album, marking a significant milestone in Dååth‘s storied career, sees founding member Eyal Levi orchestrating a formidable lineup, including the relentless growls of Sean Zatorsky and the precision of new lead guitarist Rafael Trujillo.

The Deceivers begins with the track “No Rest No End”, immediately setting a high bar with its atmospheric introduction that melts into a maelstrom of heavy riffs and orchestral drama, courtesy of Jesse Zuretti‘s compositions. This opening salvo is a declaration – Dååth is not only back but has evolved, elevating their sound with rich textures and a complexity that entices the listener into the depths of their sonic world.

The album’s diversity is further showcased in tracks like “Hex Unending”, where guest musician Dan Sugarman adds an extra layer of intensity to the already formidable triple guitar assault of Zuretti, Levi, and Trujillo. This track weaves together the band’s signature death metal roots with a fresh, progressive edge, demonstrating a seamless fusion of styles that is neither contrived nor overwhelming.

However, it’s not just the newcomers shining on this album. “The Silent Foray” features a standout performance by Per Nilsson, whose contribution underscores the band’s ability to craft songs that are as brutally compelling as they are sophisticated. Yet, the album’s apogee of collaboration might just be “Purified By Vengeance”, a tour-de-force that sees Mark Holcomb and Mick Gordon joining the fray, blending groove-laden riffs with otherworldly ambiance to create a track that is both punishing and poignant.

Despite these high points, the album is not without its faults. At times, the sheer ambition of The Deceivers risks drowning out the individual brilliance of its parts, with certain tracks feeling somewhat overshadowed by the album’s grand architectural design. Furthermore, while the technical proficiency on display is beyond reproach, there are moments where the album’s relentless pursuit of complexity can test the listener’s endurance.

“Deserving of The Grave” is a case in point, combining all the elements that make The Deceivers remarkable, yet teetering on the verge of sensory overload. The contribution of Jeff Loomis is undeniably spectacular, yet one can’t help but wonder if a more restrained approach might have allowed the track’s nuanced elements to shine brighter.

As the album concludes with “Into Forgotten Dirt”, there’s a sense of completion, of a journey through the shadowy realms of progressive death metal that is vast, enigmatic, and, above all, unapologetically bold. Dååth has crafted an album that is a dense, intricate tapestry of sound, weaving through the fabric of their musical legacy with a skilled hand, yet occasionally ensnared by its own complexity.

In grading The Deceivers, one must balance the album’s technical brilliance and creative audacity with the moments where its reach slightly exceeds its grasp. Thus, it earns a well-deserved 9.5/10. It is an album that will undoubtedly captivate those willing to explore its depths, even as it challenges them to keep pace with its relentless energy and ambition. Dååth may not have reconquered the throne of progressive death metal with The Deceivers, but they have certainly reminded us of their rightful claim to it.

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The Deceivers Track Listing:
01. No Rest No End
02. Hex Unending
03. Ascension
04. With Ill Desire
05. The Silent Foray
06. Unwelcome Return
07. Purified by Vengeance
08. Deserving of the Grave
09. Into Forgotten Dirt

Eyal Levi – guitar
Sean Z – vocals
Krimh – drums
Jesse Zuretti – orchestration, synth, guitar
Rafael Trujillo – lead guitar
Davis Marvuglio – bass

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