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Don Jamieson reveals details for the fifth stand-up record: “No Sleep ‘Til McSorley’s”.

Don Jamieson

On April 19th, Don Jamieson will release his new stand-up record digitally via Metal Blade Records: No Sleep ‘Til McSorley’s“This is my 5th full-length stand-up CD with Metal Blade and in a world of chaos, my humorous attempt to make sense of it all,” says Jamieson. “Thanks to all the comedy/rock fans and some inspiration from Motörhead, I think we have a banger here!”

Jamieson is best known as co-host of VH1 Classic’s hit heavy metal talk show series, That Metal Show, where legends discussed their past and current projects in front of a live studio audience. He also co-hosted Beer Money, a fast-paced, non-traditional sports quiz show airing on SNY (SportsNet NY). Currently he is hosting his own rock/comedy hybrid That Jamieson Show on and has reunited with his That Metal Show co-hosts for the music series That Rocks on YouTube.

Jamieson‘s proudest moment is becoming an Emmy Award-Winner for his work on HBO’s Inside The NFLJamieson and long-time comedy partner, Jim Florentine, lent their brand of humor to the popular sports show; writing, producing and performing sports-themed comedy sketches.

Amongst his many accomplishments, Jamieson‘s five stand-up CDs all hit the Top 20 on iTunes and Top 10 on the Billboard comedy charts. He also scored his first #1 comedy album with Florentine with the most recent in their series of prank call albums, Terrorizing Telemarketers 7.

Jamieson‘s stand-up act brings his everyday take on life with an added dash of sarcasm for good measure. He’s able to make people laugh at things they wouldn’t normally laugh at and then laugh again at that realization. Besides performing in comedy clubs and theaters all over the country, he also performs stand-up on rock tours and at rock festivals such as Rock On The Range, Monsters Of Rock Cruise and Metallica‘s Orion Music + More Festival where he was introduced by drummer Lars Ulrich.

Don Jamieson Cover

No Sleep ‘Til McSorley’s track-listing

  1. Phil Campbell Intro, Hangovers for the Homeless, Vices
  2. Drunk X-Mas, My Pillow, Vagina Candle
  3. Gwyneth Gang Bang, Phony Celebrities
  4. Orgasm Marathon, BBM, Explosive Balls
  5. NYC Rats, Movin’ on Up
  6. Au Natural, Only Fans, Pregnant Men
  7. Funny & Afraid, Dangerous Jobs, PC Staff
  8. Leprechauns, Pronouns, Vikings
  9. Ancestry, New Tranny, Nipples
  10. White Fragility, Indian Summer, Eskimo Pie
  11. Hate Crime, Stolen Election, A Presidential X-Mas
  12. Faith in Rock & Roll, Music Is the Healer, Monsters of Rock
  13. Androgynous Alice, Less Voluptuous Lizzy, Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Don Jamieson online

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