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Exclusive Interview with Johan Westerlund from Moon Safari, Inside ‘Himlabacken Vol. 2’

moon safari

Join us in this exclusive interview with Johan Westerlund, the talented member of the renowned progressive rock band Moon Safari. As the anticipation builds for their upcoming release, “Himlabacken Vol. 2,” we delve deep into the creative process, inspirations, and the unique elements that fans can expect from this much-awaited album.

Set for release on December 8th, 2023, through Marquee Inc. in Japan and worldwide through the band’s own Blomljud Records Inc. “Himlabacken Vol. 2” promises to be a continuation of the band’s signature blend of melodic richness and captivating soundscapes.

Johan Westerlund gives us an insider’s look at the journey of the album’s creation, the themes it explores, and the evolution of Moon Safari‘s sound. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more exclusive interviews and updates on your favorite artists!

Release Date: December 8th, 2023
Label in Japan: Marquee Inc
Label rest of the World: Blomljud Records Inc
Interview by: Jacob B.

In case you haven’t done it yet, read our review of the album HERE.

The album is available for pre-order here:

UK – (Exclusive Double Vinyl):

moon safari HIMLABACKEN VOL. 2

Track Listing:
1. 198X (Heaven Hill) (3:55)
2. Between the Devil and Me (10:38)
3. Emma, Come On (3:19)
4. A Lifetime to Learn How to Love (8:28)
5. Beyond the Blue (2:12)
6. Blood Moon (5:44)
7. Teen Angel Meets the Apocalypse
8. Forever, For You (10:08)
9. Epilog (3:22)

Moon Safari is:
Petter Sandström – Lead and Backing vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Simon Åkesson – Lead and Backing Vocals, Piano, Organ, moog.
Pontus Åkesson – Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Sebastian Åkesson – Backing Vocals, assorted keys, percussion.
Mikael Israelsson – Backing Vocals, Drums, percussion, keyboards, piano
Johan Westerlund – Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar

Special guest performance by Jamison Smeltz – saxophone on “Forever, For You”

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