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Ghost on Mars “Out of Time and Space” album review by Jorge Pozo

Ghost on Mars band

In the evocative and shadowy realms of Progressive Metal, GHOST ON MARS stakes its claim with a debut album that is both introspective and formidable. Leveraging a rich tapestry of influences from science fiction and horror, their music takes the listener on a journey through dark, mystique-ridden passages lined with the complex interplay of aggressiveness and melody. The opening track, “Beyond the Mist,” sets the tone with its heavy, atmospheric quality, where Moreno Sangermano’s vocal prowess shines, skillfully weaving between raw, harsh tones and hauntingly clean harmonies.

The album demonstrates a fine balance of emotional depth and technical proficiency, as evidenced in tracks like “Quarantine” and “They.” While “Quarantine” struggles slightly to marry its contrasting vocal elements seamlessly, “They” excels, showcasing the band’s ability to handle smoother transitions and infuse songs with a strong emotional impact while retaining a sense of light within the darkness.

One cannot overlook “Carbon Skin,” the album’s lead single, which perhaps best encapsulates the quintessential elements of GHOST ON MARS: the tension between aggressive and soulful vocals, underscored by a mastery in musical composition. Yet, despite these strengths, the album sometimes falters in its pacing. Tracks like “Under a Crescent Moon” veer towards the ponderous, with their emotional weight not as effectively balanced as in other parts of the album.

Guitarists Fabio Valentini and Andrea Mataloni provide a blend of dense, intricate riffs and brighter melodies that capture the essence of what makes Progressive Metal so appealing: the unexpected turns and the skilled fusion of diverse musical ideas. Andrea Alberati’s drumming complements this mix, adding a rhythmic complexity that enhances the album’s dynamic range.

However, the album’s consistency in emotional tone is both a strength and a weakness; its unrelenting intensity sometimes risks overwhelming the listener, tipping the scale towards a mood that feels oppressively somber. It seems that when GHOST ON MARS ventures into heavier, less balladic territory, as with “Quarantine,” there’s a refreshing shift that rebalances the album, providing moments of invigorating contrast.

In terms of production, the album is polished, presenting a sound that’s both expansive and meticulously crafted, making it clear that GHOST ON MARS possesses the ingredients necessary for a significant impact within the Progressive Metal landscape.

Out of Time and Space heralds the arrival of GHOST ON MARS as a promising new force, capable of delivering music that resonates with both depth and complexity. Despite its minor inconsistencies and the challenge of maintaining a compelling flow amidst an almost ceaseless intensity, the album is a commendable debut. It positions the band as one to watch, capable of evolving and refining its sound in future projects.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ghost on Mars album

Track Listing:

1. Beyond the Mist
2. Quarantine
3. They
4. Carbon Skin
5. Nocturnal
6. That Time I Saw the Moon
7. Under a Crescent Moon
8. Back from the Dead
9. Back to Life
10. Lost Signal


Out of Time and Space was produced by Ghost on Mars.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Di Nunzio (Francesco Di Giacomo, Astra) at NMG Recording Studios in 2022 and 2023.

Album art by Simon Bossert.



Moreno Sangermano: Lead and backing vocals.
Fabio Valentini: Rhythm, clean and classic guitars.
Andrea Mataloni: Rhythm, lead and clean guitars.
Valerio Lippera: Bass.
Andrea Alberati: Drums.

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