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Hideous Divinity “Unextinct” Album review by Antoine Karam

Hideous Divinity

In the labyrinthine world of technical death metal, Italy’s Hideous Divinity stands out not just for its blistering speed and technical prowess but for its ability to infuse its sound with a distinct narrative quality that transcends the genre’s boundaries. “Unextinct,” their fifth studio album, proves to be a pivotal moment in their discography, showcasing the band’s dedication to evolving their sound while staying true to their roots.

At the heart of “Unextinct” lies a dichotomy between ferocious complexity and a cinematic scope that broadens the traditional confines of death metal. The album opens with “Dust Settles on Humanity,” a track that immediately sets a dark, foreboding tone, hinting at the thematic and musical odyssey to follow. The transition into “The Numinous One” is seamless, with the band flexing their technical muscles while maintaining a narrative cohesion that makes the album more than a collection of songs—it’s a journey.

What is most striking about “Unextinct” is the band’s mastery over their instruments and the genre they inhabit. Tracks like “Against the Sovereignty of Mankind” and “More Than Many, Never One” showcase Hideous Divinity‘s ability to balance brutality with melodic sensibilities, creating a soundscape that is as menacing as it is mesmerizing. Yet, it is in the longer compositions, such as “Atto Quarto: The Horror Paradox,” where the band truly shines, weaving intricate musical narratives that are both expansive and intimate.

However, the album is not without its flaws. While the band’s ambition and technical skill are evident, there are moments when the relentless intensity feels overwhelming, bordering on the monolithic. This is most apparent in the album’s middle sections, where the tracks, though impressive in their execution, can blur into one another, leaving the listener yearning for a moment of respite or a more pronounced dynamic shift.

Despite this, “Unextinct” marks a significant step forward for Hideous Divinity. The album is a testament to the band’s growth, both musically and thematically. The lyrical themes, drawn from a rich tapestry of cinematic and literary influences, add depth to the already complex compositions, making “Unextinct” not just an album to be heard, but to be experienced.

In terms of production, “Unextinct” benefits from a clear, powerful mix that allows each element of the band’s sound to shine. The guitars cut through with razor-sharp precision, the drums thunder with apocalyptic fury, and the vocals, a blend of growls and screams, serve as the perfect conduit for the album’s dark themes.

Ultimately, “Unextinct” is an album that demands attention. It’s a work that rewards repeated listens, with each spin revealing new layers of complexity and nuance. While it may not convert the uninitiated, for fans of technical death metal, and Hideous Divinity in particular, it represents a high watermark in the band’s career.

Antoine’s Rating: 8/10

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Dust Settles On Humanity 1:50
The Numinous One 7:02
Against The Sovereignty Of Mankind 5:36
Atto Quarto The Horror Paradox 8:40
Quasi-Sentient 5:03
Hair Dirt Mud 2:23
More Than Many Never One 6:15
Der Verlorene Sohn 1:12
Mysterium Tremendum 4:33
Leben Ohne Feuer 8:26


  • Enrico Di Lorenzo – Vocals
  • Stefano Franceschini – Bass
  • Enrico Schettino – Guitars
  • Davide Itri – Session Drums

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