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Progressive Power Metal Group NOVAREIGN Return With New Single “Ironsides”

It’s been too long. Six years since the release of the promising potential of their debut album, Legends, finally comes a new song from Los Angeles’ progressive power metal band NOVAREIGN.

Old Ironsides is a poem written by Oliver Wendall Holmes Sr. after finding out that the USS Constitution was slated to be deconstructed and used for parts,” explains singer Icarus Marquez. “Saddened by this notion, Holmes took his poem and published it in his local newspaper. After the town read the poem, they rallied together and let the powers that be know that they all believed if the ship was to be destroyed, then it should at the very least have the opportunity to go out in battle. The power that be could not deny its people and made the repairs necessary to get it back in active duty. Centuries later, Old Ironsides is STILL in active duty to this very day. There is no limit to what we as a people can do when we rally together.
NOVAREIGN gained quite a bit of traction with their 2018 album, Legends, which was praised as “a bombastic mix of epic metal” (BraveWords), “an instrumental fireworks show” (Metal Bandcamp) and “one of the most addictive power metal records I’ve heard in a long time” (Two Guys Metal Reviews).

Additionally, the ensuing live shows that followed its release including dates with Michael Schenker, Exmortus, Angra, White Wizzard, Rhapsody Ov Fire, Act of Defiance, Bonded By Blood, GloryHammer, Graveshadow, PowerGlove and Holy Grail, in addition to festivals like Mad With Power, Hyperspace, Ruinfest and Frost And Fire.
In the downtime, NOVAREIGN endured a couple of lineup changes implementing new drummer Ulises Hernandez (ex-Judicator, Our Dying World) and guitarist David Walston (ex-Helsott, Monolith), while guitarist Balmore Lemus has split his time with Judicator, Lunar and Dire Peril. On and off NOVAREIGN have been writing and recording the follow-up to Legends and every year we hope for a new album from the LA quintet but with this awaited new single release we finally have some new music for real to release an anticipated new album by year-end.

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