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Six Feet Under “Killing for Revenge” Album review by Brett Olsen

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In the sprawling landscape of death metal, Six Feet Under has certainly carved out a niche that’s both lauded and lambasted, making their trajectory through the genre a topic of hot debate and fervent discussion. Their latest offering, “Killing for Revenge”, marks another chapter in this ongoing saga one that instills a sense of rejuvenation and possibly, redemption for their controversial frontman Chris Barnes, and his dynamic partnership with Jack Owen. This pairing brings an intriguing blend of historical weight and fresh creativity to the table, illustrated conspicuously through the album’s complex textures and vehement delivery.

At the heart of “Killing for Revenge” is a palpable shift in Barnes’ vocal execution, which transitions from the often-criticized performances of past records to a visceral, commanding presence. His growls traverse a more convincing and menacing path, steering clear of past parodies and instead laying down a powerful foundation for the rest of the band to build upon. It’s an evolution that doesn’t go unnoticed, especially given his storied tenure in the scene.

Tracks such as “Neanderthal” and “Hostility Against Mankind” serve to anchor the groove-infused legacy that fans have come to associate with Six Feet Under, offering a nod to their stoner-death metal epoch while not being chained to it. Conversely, the inclusion of relentless, blastbeat-centric songs like “Ascension”, “Fit of Carnage”, and “Judgement Day” propels the album into a more ferocious realm, invoking an old-school death/thrash aesthetic that refuses to relent in its sonic assault.

Throughout, Owen’s ingenious riffing and compositional skills shine brightly, crafting a landscape that allows each member, including the tight-knit rhythm duo of Marco Pitruzzella (drums) and Jeff Hughell (bass), to excel and express. The metallic synergy on display here is palpable, propelling “Killing for Revenge” beyond mere redemption from past missteps to a statement of enduring relevance in today’s death metal paradigm.

That said, the album is not without its pitfalls. While the rejuvenated vocals and aggressive instrumentals form a robust core, some tracks risk echoing the genre’s stereotypes without entirely subverting them, occasionally veering towards predictability in structure. The attempt to meld various eras of Six Feet Under’s sound, though admirable, also leads to moments where the album’s identity seems caught between homage and evolution.

Yet, even with these critiques in tow, “Killing for Revenge” signifies a noteworthy leap forward for Six Feet Under, striking a balance between appeasing long-time followers and charting a course that’s fresh yet familiar. It’s an album that won’t win over every naysayer but undoubtedly solidifies Barnes and Owen’s current chapter as one of significant merit.

Rating: 7.5/10

In the end, “Killing for Revenge” stands as a testament to Six Feet Under‘s resilience and adaptive prowess. It poses the question: What’s next for Barnes and his crew? This album might just pave the way for a new era, both redeeming and redefining, in their storied career.

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Killing For Revenge, which features a guest appearance by guitarist Jason Suecof on “Neanderthal,” was mixed and mastered by Chaz Najjar at Badlands Recording in Denver, Colorado. The record was released on CD and digital formats as well as vinyl in the following color variants:

180g Black (US)      
Clear w/ Red Bloodshot (US)  
180g Black (EU)      
Crusted Blood Marbled (EU)           
Khaki Brown Marbled (EU – Ltd. 300)                 
Blood Red Splatter (EU – Ltd. 300)       
Gold “Black Dust” (EU – Ltd. 200)  

six feet under album

Killing For Revenge Track Listing:        

  1. Know-Nothing Ingrate                                
  2. Accomplice To Evil Deeds      
  3. Ascension                         
  4. When The Moon Goes Down In Blood                               
  5. Hostility Against Mankind                            
  6. Compulsive                                    
  7. Fit Of Carnage                                
  8. Neanderthal (Guest Lead Guitar Solo – Jason Suecof)
  9. Judgement Day                              
  10. Bestial Savagery                            
  11. Mass Casualty Murdercide                        
  12. Spoils Of War
  13. Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth Cover – CD + Digital Only)

Chris Barnes – vocals
Jack Owen – rhythm guitar 
Ray Suhy – lead guitar 
Jeff Hughell – bass
Marco Pitruzzella – drums

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