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Teramaze “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” Album review by Jorge Pozo


TERAMAZE, Australia’s progressive metal luminaries, have once more delivered a masterstroke with their latest album, Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace. This album not only highlights their prolific nature but also underscores their unique position in the music scene, blending intricate musicianship with audacious conceptual storytelling.

The journey through “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” is nothing short of a rollercoaster, encapsulating a broad spectrum of emotions, guided by the expert hands of Dean Wells (lead guitar and vocals), Chris Zoupa (guitar), Nathan Peachey (vocals), Nick Ross (drums), Andrew Cameron (bass), and the essential Dave Holley on keyboards. Their ensemble work crafts a soundscape that is as expansive as it is detailed, beckoning listeners into its depths with each note.

Opening with “A Place Called Hero”, the album sets a grand, albeit enigmatic, stage for the narrative arc that unfolds. However, it is “The Will Of Eli” that truly signals the commencement of this audacious saga, showcasing TERAMAZE‘s adeptness at weaving high-caliber melodies with profound lyrical content. Peachey‘s vocals effortlessly navigate the complex emotional terrain laid out by Wells‘ and Holley‘s harmonious duel between guitar and keyboard.

The album is not shy about showcasing its virtuosic prowess, especially on tracks like “Step Right Up” and “Madam Roma”, where the guitar work shines with a brilliance reminiscent of prog giants. Yet, it’s the juxtaposition of “Standing Ovation” with its insistent pace and the evocative, piano-led beauty of “Hands Are Tied” that exemplifies the dynamic range TERAMAZE is capable of.

“A Wonderful Fall Of Grace”, the epic closer, is a microcosm of the album’s essence. Featuring a guest saxophone performance by Hugo Lee, it elevates the album’s atmospheric density and adds a layer of melodic richness that is rare in metal. This track not only encapsulates the album’s thematic and sonic richness but also leaves the listener awestruck by its ending, a dovetailing of vocal harmonies and instrumental prowess that could easily place it among the year’s best songs.

While the album’s ambition and scope are undeniable, if there’s a critique to be had, it might lie in its very richness—demanding multiple listens to fully unpack its narrative and sonic complexities. This, however, is hardly a flaw, as each revisit rewards the listener with newfound intricacies and emotional depth.

“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” is more than an album; it’s a narrative odyssey that challenges the listener to journey alongside TERAMAZE into the depths of human emotion and the pinnacle of progressive craftsmanship. With this release, they have not only sustained their reputation as one of Australia’s most innovative bands but have indeed propelled themselves into a league of their own within the global metal community.

“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” shines brightly with a splendid 10/10, TERAMAZE‘s journey through their Halo saga is a bold, beautiful, and sometimes bewildering adventure that highlights their enviable ability to fuse complex narratives with exhilarating music. It’s a journey well worth taking for any dedicated listener eager to explore the depths of progressive metal’s potential.

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Eli: A Wonderful Fall From GraceTracklisting: 

1. A Place Called Halo
2. The Will of Eli
3. Step Right Up
4. I Mantissa
5. Madam Roma
6. Standing Ovation
7. Hands Are Tied
8. A Wonderful Fall From Grace


Dean wells : Guitars/Vocals , Nathan Peachey : Vocals , Andrew Cameron : Bass , Chris Zoupa: Guitar , Nick Ross: Drums , Dave Holley: Keys 

Mixed /mastered by Dean Wells

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify

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