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The 355’s “Jig A Jig Out” E.P. Review by Banyon G.

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Fans of 90’s Britpop will appreciate The 355’s, a UK 4-piece brought together by “a mutual love for 90’s guitar driven bangers and Northern Soul grooves.”

The 355’s are described musically as a cross between Oasis and The White Stripes, which is not far off the mark.  I do hear other influences including The Vines, Sex Pistols, and other 90’s Britpop bands.

The first thing I noticed when listening to this E.P. is how great the production sounds for this type of music. Superb sonics. Huge drums with just the right amount of echo. Meaty guitar and skillful use of keyboards and other instruments. I did some digging, and it turns out this E.P. was recorded at the famous Rockfield Studios in Wales – produced by renowned producer Nick Brine. Mr. Brine‘s credits include Oasis, Stone Roses, Ash, Super Furry Animals, Carcass, Dub War, Thunder, New Model Army, and many others.

As for the songs themselves, they are a varied bunch and represent a band who can bring a catchy melody to their diverse rock and pop sounds. Opening track “Jig A Jig Out” is the first single and it has a big, meaty rock sound and a straightforward chorus. “Piss On My Party” is an up-tempo, punk-style vamp that recalls the Sex Pistols. The closing song “You & I” starts off as an electric piano ballad and then morphs into a Beatles-esque psychedelic number with orchestra sounds.

However, my favorite song here by far is the slower strum-and-piano number “Esther,” about a mysterious social butterfly with a boundless appetite for alcohol and who appears to be homeless, although no one knows where she’s from.  Very well-written musically, as good as anything that Oasis has produced. And there is highly effective use of a jazzy horn section in this song, which adds to its distinctive appeal. Horns are also used, although more sparingly, in “You & I.”

I do feel that at certain times the vocals on this E.P. are either over-emphasized or the vocal effects (when used) are a bit grating. Otherwise, I appreciate the production and the variety on offer here. Hope they write more songs like “Esther.”  The 355‘s new EP will be out 15th December on Flip Flop Records

Rating:   7/10

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Track list:

  1. Jig a Jig Out
  2. Esther
  3. Piss on my Party
  4. You & I

Catch them live at:
The 355s supported by Nigel Clark (Dodgy) & Japanese brothers Sahaji
Friday 12th Jan 2024 – The Water Rats
19:00 : Doors
19:30 : Sahaji
20:30 : Nigel Clark
21:45 : The 355’s

The 355’s are:
Adam Thompsett – Vocals, Guitar
Craig Lockwood – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Bert Hammond – Bass
Mike Fitchie – Drums, Arse Trembler 3000

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