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THE LAST OF LUCY return with a devastating full length!

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The Last of Lucy‘s previous album ‘Moksha’ was very well received and this new one in comparison is even better – it’s more varied, balanced, but just as vicious as before. Two songs from the album are streaming now, including one that has both saxophone and 300 bpm insanity, something only they are capable of pulling off.

Two years after their devastating album ‘Moksha’, The Last of Lucy finetune their sound blending elements of technical death metal, mathcore, and a bit of brutal death metal and even bring back aspects of their debut on their latest full length ‘Godform‘, making it their most impactful one yet. Without losing any of their fearsome, compelling power and drive, the music is better streamlined and cohesive while being more diverse than before, and despite the deceptive catchiness which we’ve come to expect from them, the technical prowess is apparent and more impressive than before. There’s a cyclical pattern to the songs, bursts of face-melting blasts alternating with slower breaks, which amplify the appeal of both parts and also offer diversity in the process. Additional instruments too are employed which go very well with their kind of pulsating, dynamic music. Technical death metal music of this kind can often sound too formulaic or too self-absorbed for it to have any impact, but The Last of Lucy‘s scathing intensity and forceful execution, along with their knack for writing catchy music and shuffling things around, cast out any semblance of complacency from taking shape in the minds of the listener. It’s plainly evident – The Last of Lucy on ‘Godform‘ sees them in their prime.


Empyreal Banisher
Twin Flame
Shedim Seance
Sanguinary Solace
Sentinel Codex
Darkest Night of the Soul
Angelic Gateway
Anima Flux

Line up:
Josh De La Sol – Vocals
Gad Gidon – Guitars
Derek Santistevan – Bass
Josef Hossain-Kay – Drums

More Info:

Official Site

The Last of Lucy Facebook

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