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VOID MOON premiere new track at “Deaf Forever” magazine website.

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Today, true-doom cult Void Moon premiere the new track “The Wolf (at the End of the World)” at Deaf Forever magazine’s website. The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated fourth album, Dreams Inside the Sun, set for international release on June 7th via Personal Records.

Void Moon was formed in southern Sweden in 2009 by bassist Peter Svensson. Within a year, they released their first vinyl EP, Through the Gateway. Live shows and reputation lead to a deal with Cruz del Sur for the debut album On the Blackest of Nights in 2012. After gigging all over Europe, the band released the 7″ vinyl Where the Sleeper Lies Awake, with Blackosh (Master’s Hammer, ex-Root) on lead guitar. 

In 2016, Void Moon released their second full-length, Deathwatch, on Sun & Moon Records. The album featured a guest appearance from Hammers of Misfortune guitarist John Cobbett. In 2018, Monster Nation released the 10″ vinyl of Ars Moriendi, featuring Leo Stivala (Forsaken) on vocals as well as drummer Marcus’s first lead vocals. 

Reduced to a duo, with only Peter and Marcus remaining, Void Moon released their most acclaimed album, The Autumn Throne, in 2020. Following that, they decided to record a very ambitious track, the 20-minute epic “Waste of Mind,” as digipak CD as well as a very limited “book” box edition in 2022. Work then began on the follow-up to The Autumn Throne

While the last song on The Autumn Throne trailed off into the mundane darkness of humdrum life, Void Moon‘s fourth album, Dreams Inside the Sun, sets the tone with the rising sun. As an ever-evolving creature and quite similar to life itself, Void Moon keeps changing and growing into something sometimes reflecting the band members and sometimes with a life of its own. Either way, Dreams Inside the Sun sounds unmistakably Void Moon, and is undoubtedly the band’s the most powerful album yet. More pointedly, while it heralds the power of the sun, it still maintains the reflective and somber tone that Void Moon are known for. As such, while so much doom is ​(understandably) dark & dreary, ​refreshingly is Dreams Inside the Sun an almost-uplifting experience – or, at least one imparting a more ​positive ​aura. Diehards for classic Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, Isole, and Doomshine, you likely already know Void Moon!

Void Moon Album Cover

Tracklisting for Void Moon’s Dreams Inside the Sun

1. Rays of Vindication
2. Dreams Inside the Sun
3. Season Out of Season
4. The Dreaming Spire
5. Nadir
6. Broken Skies
7. East of the Sun
8. Still Dark
9. The Wolf (at the End of the World).


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