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CATHUBODUA Premiere Music Video For New Album Single “”Effigy Of Aftermath”!

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February 23, 2024 will see CATHUBODUA release their new studio album, “Interbellum”, via Massacre Records, and unleash a storm that will enrapture fans of symphonic metal from all over the world! 

Following their previously-released, first album single “Foretelling”, today, CATHUBODUA have premiered a music video for their epic album opening track “Effigy Of Aftermath”Says vocalist Sara Vanderheyden:

“In a dramatic, swift, yet gentle embrace, “Effigy of Aftermath” seizes you by the throat. Deliberately, we chose to center our focus on rapid lead guitars, majestic brass-driven orchestrations, and profoundly intense fluctuations between lighter and darker musical themes.

This song incarnates the mystical realm of Cathubodua, metamorphosing gradually into the formidable war goddess she represents. Echoing the tradition of classical war goddesses who embodied both passion and love, we found inspiration in intertwining these potent forces. The lyrics draw from the haunting image of Cathubodua, enticing men into battlefields for a gruesome fate—an unexpected manifestation of love and perfection. While the verses delve into the disappointment with people in life, the chorus radiates a luminous and positive aura, beckoning listeners into the battlefield that unfolds in the song’s climactic crescendo.“

Following the band’s debut EP in 2016, their first full-lengthtells the tale of the creation and destruction of a war goddess – from high hopes, power, and dreams, to love lost and how to deal with an eternal burning guilt. These intense emotions are musically displayed in a more grandiose and intense way than the band ever did before, incorporating more ideas and influences from heavier metal genres this time.

“Interbellum” will hit you in the face, not just emotionally and lyrically but also musically. The guitars are allowed a way more prominent role on the album and generate a massive driving force that carries you through the stories. CATHUBODUA‘s forthcoming album is raw and heavier than anything the band has ever done before, without compromising on the epic violin melodies, the heavenly orchestrations and vocalist Sara’s immense vocal range!

The album was produced with Yarne Heylen at Project Zero Studio, and was mixed and mastered by Erwin Hermsen at the Toneshed Recording Studio. The stunning artwork has been created by Jelle van Loo.


“Interbellum” track listing:

  1. Effigy Of Aftermath
  2. Foretelling
  3. Will Unbroken
  4. Amidst Gods
  5. The Mirror
  6. Goddess Fallacy


23.02.2024 BE Bree – Ragnarok Live Club
24.02.2024 FR Lille – La Brat Cave
08.03.2024 BE Kortrijk – De Verlichte Geest
09.03.2024 DE Nordhorn – Grafschafter Metalfest
23.03.2024 BE Liège – MJ Chênée
29.03.2024 BE Turnhout – JH Wollewei
13.04.2024 BE Gullegem – Gullegem Metal Fest
18.05.2024 BE Antwerp – Antwerp Metal Fest
31.10.2024 BE Diest – Club Hell


Sara Vanderheyden – Vocals & Orchestrations
Arvid Vermote – Violin
Robin Ritzen – Guitars
Peter Thielemans – Bass
Harald Bouten – Drums

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