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Dream Theater Drummer Mike Portnoy’s Breakdown of Pull Me Under

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In the ever-evolving tapestry of progressive metal, few bands have left an indelible mark quite like Dream Theater. At the heart of their sonic mastery was the rhythmic virtuosity of Mike Portnoy, the original and founding drummer whose unparalleled talent helped define the band’s distinctive sound. On October 25, 2023, the music world received a seismic jolt as Dream Theater officially announced the return of their prodigious percussionist. The collective excitement was palpable, and fans worldwide eagerly anticipated the resurgence of the rhythmic maestro.

Today, the anticipation turns into reality as Dream Theater Drummer Mike Portnoy takes center stage in a special revelation. In collaboration with the renowned Drumeo YouTube channel, Portnoy delves into the intricacies of one of Dream Theater‘s most iconic compositions—’Pull Me Under.‘ This exclusive breakdown offers fans a rare glimpse into the creative mind of a drumming legend, unraveling the layers of complexity that make the track a timeless masterpiece.

Join us on a journey through rhythm and resonance as we explore the triumphant return of Mike Portnoy to Dream Theater and witness firsthand his unparalleled skill in the spotlight, breaking down the beats and fills that have made “Pull Me Under” an enduring anthem in the progressive metal canon.

“Pull Me Under” is the debut single from Dream Theater, and arguably one of the band’s most iconic songs. Tune in as the one and only Mike Portnoy breaks down how he plays this incredible song.

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