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MARC HUDSON Releases Music Video for Title Track “Starbound Stories” from His Solo Album

Marc-Hudson singing

DragonForce vocalist Marc Hudson has just unveiled the third single and title track from his highly-anticipated solo debut, “Starbound Stories.” In this captivating track, he collaborates with prog guitarist Galen Stapley (from Azure), who delivers a mesmerizing solo. Together, with Marc Hudson’s impeccably clear vocals, the song evolves into an uplifting power anthem infused with anime-inspired energy. This track adds to the magical ambiance, complemented by skillful guitar work and rhythmic drums.

“Starbound Stories” is a thrilling odyssey through Marc’s universe, blending elements of power metal, anime influences, Japanese music, and video game soundtracks. The single is accompanied by a vibrant and enchanting music video that accentuates the impression.

Hudson describes the title track, saying, “‘Starbound Stories’ serves as the unwavering conclusion to the album’s rich tapestry of adventure and destiny, echoing through the skies and souls alike as the ultimate power metal anthem of perseverance and self-belief.”

The album begins with the instrumental track “As The Twilight Met The Sea,” introducing listeners to the album’s sonic landscapes, featuring samurai metal virtuoso Ryoji Shinomoto (formerly known as Gyze) on traditional Japanese instruments. Shinomoto also lends his vocals to the following track, “Freedom Heart,” which includes a solo by the guitar virtuoso Syu (from Galneryus).

The album’s explosive power metal anthem, “Dracula X,” showcases a guitar solo by Jacky Vincent (formerly of Falling in Reverse, Cry Venom), along with guest vocals by Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires). The emotionally charged track “Stars” features the classically trained violinist Mia Asano on electric violin. The energetic “The Siren” is led by a mesmerizing melody and ballad-style vocals. “Swansong” kicks off with a cinematic keyboard intro, transitioning into a full-fledged power metal ballad, complete with soaring screams and atmospheric effects that intensify the magical atmosphere while complementing the guitar and drum arrangements.

Steve Terreberry, renowned on YouTube as Stevie T., delivers a captivating guitar solo on “Call Of The Martyrs,” accompanied by prog guitarist Galen Stapley (from Azure). Stapley also contributes a solo on the subsequent title track, “Starbound Stories.” Closing the album on a high note, “One More Sight Of The Sun With You” is sung in Japanese, staying true to the album’s core themes and leaving listeners with a sense of upliftment.

Marc Hudson’s debut solo album is an exceptional musical journey that seamlessly combines elements of power metal, video game soundtracks, Japanese music, and even pop influences. It showcases virtuosity throughout its grand instrumentation, offering a captivating and diverse listening experience.

The album is available to order HERE, in the following formats:

  • 1 LP Gatefold translucent Blue (incl. 24 page booklet + recordbutler)
  • 1 LP Gatefold Black (incl. lyric sheet)
  • 1 CD Digipak + T-shirt; and
  • Digital Album

Track List:

  1. As the Twilight met the Sea
  2. Freedom Heart
  3. Dracula X!
  4. Stars
  5. The Siren
  6. Astralive
  7. Swansong
  8. Call of the Martyrs
  9. Starbound Stories
  10. One more sight of the sun with You
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