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METALITE Reveal Lyric Video For New Album Single “Aurora”

Metalite band members

January 19, 2024 sees Swedish melodic power metal band Metalite unleash their most ambitious album to date. “Expedition One”, that tells the fictitious story about life on our planet in the year 2055, will be released via AFM Records. Pre-order it here.

Following previously-released album appetizers such as “Disciples Of The Stars”“Blazing Skies” and “New Generation”, today, Metalite are premiering a lyric video for their new single “Aurora”. Watch it below.

“In the symphony of the cosmos, our song ‘Aurora’ seeks to dignify the celestial phenomena that illuminate the darkest corners of the north,” the band comments.“Like the Northern Lights, we weave a tapestry of classic Metalite style, infusing it with swirling energy and daring to explore new elements. Embrace the luminous journey as we celebrate the cosmic dance that brings light to even the most shadowed realms.” 

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